Cortana Will Come To Android Phones With Two New Features

In mid-March, the arrival of Google Assistant to the iPad after months of speculation drew attention . Tools like this, or Siri, the bet of the Cupertino, can be important allies when breaking the boundaries between operating systems and with them, the incompatibilities and limitations that may be when trying to link each other interfaces . The latest development in this regard, would be the union between Android and Cortana.

A few hours ago, more details were known about this small alliance between the two platforms that we have mentioned. Next we will see what will be the innovations that the artificial intelligence of Microsoft will introduce in the software of the green robot and we will try to verify if it is a relation with future or with many questions in the short and medium term. What do you think?

This will be the new function

The first step of this adaptation of Cortana to Android, will be the possibility of sending voice notes through the Redmond assistant from mobile phones that run with the latest versions of the Google operating system to others with the same interface. It seems that it would not come alone, since in addition, calls could be made and without the need to use their hands with only dictating the contact with which we wish to communicate as they claim from PhoneArena.

Android could have a new email management system

Everything points to the addition of a third characteristic to those that we have mentioned before. From now on, Cortana would know for herself what category the different emailsstored in the terminals belong to , that would lead her to group them in different folders automatically. However, as we will see now, all these developments will bring some important limitation.

For the moment, in the testing phase

The relationship between Android and Cortana is still in its starting point. This is evidenced by the fact that the functions that we mentioned, are only available in a beta version that is currently finishing polishing some details and that only remains within the reach of a few users and developers. What do you think? Do you think it is possible to find more stable applications and tools for the green robot software that make this function unnecessary, or is it a first step that will have more important implications both in the Android ecosystem and in other platforms? We leave you related information such as an analysis in which we see if there is an artificial intelligence at two speeds on tablets and smartphones so you can learn more.

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