Download Free Sea of Thieves for PC and Android Full Version

Download Free Sea of Thieves for PC and Android Full Version.Now we got a chance to play Sea of Thieves Beta and believe me it cannot be explained in words.

Set your sails across massive ocean with friends and visit the islands to uncover hidden treasures. Battling with the enemy skeleton, pirates and tons of characters, Sea of thieves is truly the best are going to see from Rare.

Download Free Sea of Thieves for PC and Android Full Version

Sea of thieves allows you to choose from different category of crews at the start of the game. However the ships in the game are kind of like small ships that can have nearly 4 to 5 men on deck. But this is something limited to the Beta version of Sea of thieves, who knows there is more to come when you get the full game.

Ships are easy to handle and the sea tides look amazing when you sail over it. You can set the sail at different levels and angles which gives you more grip over the ship. There are cannons on the ship which allow you to attack the enemy from distance. But unfortunately you have to take care of them as your crew do not care about it.

So first of all you buy the Gold map and then you set your sails for the island which is inhabited by skeletons and pirates. After that you will have to follow the navigation device which is compass in this case to let you find the actual position of the Gold. After you dig out the gold with shovel, take it back to the person from whom you bought the map and he will pay you.

Sea of thieves is all about hunting, exploring and upgrading your crew and ship throughout the entire gameplay. The combat system in the game is not the best but it is better than the other pirate games. As far as the beta version is concerned it is sure that we might see more interesting things in the full version.

Download Sea of Thieves  play and enjoy…!

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