How to download Windows 10 ISO quickly and easily

Microsoft introduces the switch to "Mode S" in Windows 10 Redstone 5

Windows 10 ISO is a system image designed to create autorouchable means to reinstall the operating system or perform clean installations of it.

How to download Windows 10 ISO quickly and easily

How to download Windows 10 ISO quickly and easily

To facilitate updates to Windows 10, Microsoft offers a tool called “MediaCreationTool” that serves both to create the USB or DVD media, and to download the image, as we have seen in one of the multiple guides on the subject that you we have offered.

Direct download Windows 10 ISO

And what happens if you just want to download this Windows 10 ISO without going through the intermediate process of the media creation tool? There is a way to do it as they tell us in htnovo, taking advantage of Microsoft offers direct download of these images when accessed from a device that does not run Windows 10. Like an Apple iPad or Mac that is the device that we are going to simulate the following way:

  • Open the Edge browser and access the official Windows 10 web portal.
  • Press the F12 key or click on “Development Tools” in the configuration menu and you will see the menu for developers.
  • Go to the Emulation tab and select “Custom” in Device and “Apple Safari (iPad)” in the User Agent String.
  • You will see how the page changes and you can now access the direct download of Windows 10 ISO, in this case the one that corresponds to the latest version of Windows 10 April 2018 Update.
  • Select the language, Spanish in our case, and the edition you prefer of 32 or 64 bits.
  • Ready, you will already be downloading the operating system image.

Download any Windows or Office ISO

The above is an interesting trick to not waste time with the intermediate process that makes the tool of creation of media, but only allows the download of the latest version of Windows 10. What happens when we need a previous version? Or if we want Windows 7 or 8.1? Or the Office productivity suite?  Microsoft offers the download of ISO images of your Windows operating system and the Office suite directly on various portals such as TechBench or the TechNet evaluation center, but you have to subscribe to them.

A developer has a tool that comes to the rescue. It’s as small as it is fantastic, because it allows you to access the download of any Windows or Office ISO from Microsoft’s servers. In case you missed it when we announced it, we remind you step by step:

  • Access the page and download the Windows ISO Downloader.exe application. It is portable, it does not need or installation.
  • You run and you will have access to Windows 7, 8.1, 10 and the latest Insider test version. Also to the Office suite from the 2007 version on, in addition to the Mac versions.
  • We mark the version that interests us and we will move to another screen where we will have available a lot of editions to choose from:
  • We click on confirm, select the language of our choice and initiate a download that will be made from the same Microsoft servers and at a speed that will reach the maximum of your connection.
  • In addition to the client versions, the tool also offers access to the download of a lot of alternative versions, Insiders or developers.

In a quick connection in a few minutes we will have the ISO image of any Windows or Office on our computer. Once there, we can use them directly in virtual machines, record them on optical or USB disks with applications such as Rufus or create a master pendrive with multiple operating systems installers. Fantastic tool

The download is free, the software does not

Surely you know it, but it is worthwhile to make the corresponding legal considerations. The download of an ISO Windows or Office by the previous means is free, but although it is made from the same Microsoft servers the use of these solutions is not free.

It is proprietary software and we will need a valid license with the corresponding keys to use any of the products. For Windows 10 versions, we need the Microsoft activation servers to validate the computer where it is installed, and for the rest, a valid key.

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