Good Places to Eat in Atlanta

Atlanta is known as the capital and one of the most populated cities of Georgia which is state of USA. Its total population is about 463,878 out of which mostly people speak English at homes while Spanish, other European and Asian languages are also spoken in some regions. Climate in Atlanta most of the time is humid where summers are a bit hot and winters are cold. Multiple religions are followed in the city but a large number of populations are Christian.

During a visit one can find many good places to eat in Atlanta a list of few are given below:

  • BoccaLupo: This place offers tasty grilled octopus which is their specialty and liked by many visitors while spaghettis with sausages and other ingredients is also very good.
  • Ticonderoga Club: They have amazing variety of cocktails and a good hangout place for friends and families.
  • Sushi House Hayakawa: The most demanding dish is fish slices served with rice and its mouth watering. This is good place for sea food lovers.
  • Table & Main: This restaurant is opened in a farmhouse having fresh, simple but delicious Southern cuisine and is liked by many.
  • The Optimist: The restaurant with a beautiful lawn, mini golf area and a live musical band performance is good place to eat where chefs cook on wooden oven and have great menu.
  • Masterpiece: This small Chinese restaurant has some expert chefs serving variety of dishes and a very good service.
  • The Hill: The restaurant is run by a family that uses organic ingredients like vegetables, fruits and other items. Food is healthy as well as yummy.
  • Bread & Butterfly: Inspired by a Paris restaurant having a wonderful mirror bar, tiled floor in black and white color and metal ceiling this place gets attention of locals and visitors both.
  • Chai Pani: It is favorite place for those who love street food items like puris filled with potatoes and other vegetables served with sauces, green chutneys and much more.
  • Rumi’s Kitchen: This Persian restaurant should be visited must as the interior is eye catching having dim lights and open kitchen where you can watch live cooking and menu is good as well.
  • Breakers Korean BBQ: The service is very quick and satisfactory while jumbo prawns is most demanding dish here and ventilation system is excellent so one can enjoy food to the fullest.

Best Dining Places to Visit in Atlanta

While searching for good places to eat in Atlanta one can came across many options and they can select according to their taste. So basically this city is good place for food lovers where from street food vendors to expensive restaurants everything is available. Thus nice restaurants in Atlanta GA are as follows:

  • Victory Sandwich: They serve large size sandwiches at a very reasonable price in the town. They have variety of options and one can choose the filling accordingly.
  • Le Petit Marche: This place is inspired by one of French cafe and is liked by many. The menu of breakfast as well as lunch is awesome and taste of sandwiches, salads, pastas etc is perfect.
  • Bocado: This modern design restaurant has white interior with airy and spacious hall and is located on the western side of Atlanta. A good place to order burgers and other junk food.
  • Star Provisions: It is visited by large number of people since decades. Prices are a little bit high but they serve quality food.
  • Highland Bakery: This is perfect place to go during weekend. The most demanding dish is chicken salad which is irresistible once you have tried it.
  • Farm Burger: If you want to eat burger than this place should be your first priority as they have some yummy burgers and interior is also very relaxing.
  • Sublime Doughnuts: Its favorite place especially of kids as they offer tempting doughnuts. Their specialty is a doughnut with a topping of white and gold chocolate.
  • Bottle Rocket: This modern style restaurant has variety of cocktails and sushi is amazing. The fireworks and bright color walls attract many towards it.
  • Der Biergarten: It has awesome view and German beers here are loved by visitors.

Amazing Rooftop Restaurants in Atlanta

If the city is your next destination for vacations than this article would help you a lot in finding out best places to eat in Atlanta so don’t forget to visit few of them mentioned below:

  • Seasons Westside: Mostly this place is crowed by professional who take time to relax and eat in open air after spending hours in office. They have huge variety of beer and food items.
  • The Garden at Community Smith: This restaurant is recently renovated; the rooftop is spacious for arranging parties and barbecue. The view is mesmerizing and it’s a good place to hang out with friends and family. They keep on changing their menu but juices are a must try while your visit.
  • O-Ku: This newly opened restaurant is famous for its sushi and best place to visit in a good weather. Food is fine with a good service.
  • Republic Social House: This Park has amazing wooden floor rooftop spot and large screen TVs for those who don’t want to miss match while eating. The menu has some good dishes to try.
  • Six Feet Under: This is basically a fish house offering a large variety of seafood from fried fish, prawns, octopus to much more.
  • Sky Lounge: This well known and mostly visited place in Atlanta has wonderful view and one can feel refreshing after visiting here. Lemongrass cocktails and tarts are demanded by many.
  • Wet bar: This pool bar located on a rooftop is good option to relax and enjoy weather. Many wedding parties are also arranged here.
  • Whiskey Blue: This outdoor terrace above street level is perfect for get-togethers and to eat after a long tiring day or to people going for shopping in the surrounding area, especially during winters to get sunlight and to enjoy the food.

So the answer to good places to eat in Atlanta is widely covered in this article and will be helpful for tourist and visitors.

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