Good Places to Eat in San Diego

San Diego is one of the most important cities of California. Having a total population of 1,394,928 it is considered as eight highly populated cities in USA. It is favorite tourist attraction because of mild weather throughout the year, beautiful beaches and other destinations. The cuisine of this place is irresistible therefore good places to eat in San Diego have many options few are discussed below:

  • Carnitas’ Snack Shack: This restaurant has best location where you can enjoy amazing menu, they recently added breakfast option as well. New variety of cocktails is something every visitor must try.
  •  Cucina: They have modern style interior and specialty is Italian cuisine. The amazing pasta served is homemade and the focus is on fresh and tasty food.
  • Herb & Wood: The owner and Chef Brian Malarkey makes excellent dishes with wonderful flavor due to use of different herbs.
  • One Door North: The outdoor restaurant serves good food in a natural way. Their American dishes are on top of list with variety of wine brands.
  • Liberty Public Market: It’s a full package with almost 20 different kinds of food stalls, wine shop and a bar all under one roof.
  • The Crack Shack: This newly opened restaurant is famous in the town for its fried chicken, chicken wings and grilled chicken etc.
  • Galaxy Taco: The lively and colorful place is known for its sea food and tacos. Best destination for sea food lovers.
  • The Grill at Torrey Pines: The meat menu is amazing with grilled and smoked dishes on a high demand. Their outdoor arrangements are very satisfactory for those who want to enjoy food in open air.
  • Campfire: They offer variety of cocktails, beautiful design and open campfire cooking by using local fresh ingredients.
  • Pop Pie: They are well known for their sweet and sour pie, coffee, beer and quick service.
  • Craft & Commerce: It is reopened after a yearlong renovation and now has more eating and drinking room with revived menu and new chefs who are expert in their field offering some unique dishes.

The answer to what is San Diego known for is beaches. Yes this place has some wonderful beaches which you cannot miss while your visit. List of top beaches are listed below:

  • Mission Beach: It is best destination especially during summers and a large number of people visit this beach every year. It’s a fun place for all offering many activities like boardwalk, biking, roller coaster ride etc. Volleyball matches are also arranged and you can also enjoying shopping near beach.
  • Coronado Beach: This place has perfect climate almost throughout the year. It is ideal for surfing as waves are mild, also considered as romantic beach and best for visit with family.
  • La Jolla: It’s a good picnic spot for families as it has a large grass area to relax. Scuba classes are also offered here. There is a big aquarium which is opened daily for visitors. Fishing is not allowed but you can enjoy surfing and other activities.
  • Pacific Beach: It’s a two miles long beach with best location to see sunset or for a bike ride. It is most crowded and famous San Diego’s beach. There is large number of restaurants, shops on northern part of beach while life guard services are good.
  • Silver Strand: Its ideal place for camping, swimming, surfing, picnic, boating and volleyball games. You can arrange barbecue and bonfires here. Dogs are not permitted on beach.

You can also find good places to eat in San Diego near these beaches offering variety of seafood and other cuisines. While your visit don’t forget to miss San Diego points of interest such as:

  • Balboa Park: This old park has historical sites, museums, lush green gardens etc. The lily pond is very famous and a great attraction for visitors.
  • Sea World: It is fun place for families especially for kids, shows of dolphins, whales and sea lions etc are amazing to go for. Various water rides and roller coaster are visited by many tourists every year. An aquarium with a tunnel is wonderful to see under water creatures.
  • San Diego Zoo: It is one of most popular zoo in USA. Having variety of animals, the pandas gain much attention of visitors. Animals are kept in natural surrounding and hills.
  • Seaport Village: It’s a perfect place to relax during afternoon. Having exclusive shops and places to eat, a must visit spot for everyone. Outdoor performances are also very interesting.
  • Old Town State Historical Park: This old park was established in 1820 is a good place to shop and to dine. Numerous historical buildings were repaired and are amazing site.
  • Point Loma: This place presents a wonderful view of San Diego. The lighthouse is visited by many tourists from around the world.
  • Horton Plaza: This center is one of the most famous places for shopping lovers. Its design is unique, bright colors are eye catching and it has all types of shops, cinema, departmental stores etc.
  • Gas lamp Quarter: It has many sidewalk cafes, night clubs, bars, restaurants and much more is a great place to visit.
  • Mission Bay: This man made park is well known in the town for variety of outdoor activities like flying kite, boating etc.
  • Lego Land: It has around 5000 models made from Lego. It is a good destination to visit with kids, family and friends. They also host many kinds of shows every year.
  • San Diego Museum of Art: It has huge collection of art work from artists throughout the world. Spanish, Asian, European and American all kinds of paintings are hanged here and are inspiration for new artists.

Thus we can say that San Diego is overall a good destination for people of all ages whether it’s about beaches or food everything is perfect here and for food lovers there are many good places to eat in San Diego.

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