Nice Restaurants in Tampa

Tampa is one of the cities in Florida, United States of America. The meaning of word Tampa is “fire sticks” in Calusa’s language of old American tribe who once lived there and it refers to the lightening strike in the area during the summer season. Its total population is 346,037. This area was explored in 16th century by some Spanish explorers. In the year 2008 Tampa was given a rank of 5th best city as outdoor and also fifth most admired city of America on the basis of people’s preference of living in this area.

This place is known for its variety in architectural designs and unique styles. It is famous for its arts performances, stage shows and theaters. Christianity is a major religion in the area but other religions are also followed. Climate of Tampa usually have hot summers while very mild winters.

Tampa is well known for its variety of food. It has number of small cafes, bakeries and restaurants. Cuisine includes Cuban, Italian, Spanish and many other dishes.  The most famous dishes are deviled crabs and Cuban sandwiches it is also the first place to discover these sandwiches. There are many nice restaurants in Tampa like:

Pane Rustica

They serve freshly baked bread and have amazing menu and also a very cool environment.

Brick and Mortar

Its most famous dish is beef carpaccio. They offer best desserts in the town having a perfect blend of sweet and sourly taste.

Bern’s Steak House

The interior of the restaurant is beautiful having dim lighting and unique style. It is well known for best customer services, piano performances and wine list is also amazing.

Cafe Ponte

Their mushroom dishes are irresistible once you have tried them. Steaks, pizzas and lunch menu are perfect for food lovers.

Pearl in the Grove

The menu is a bit expensive but the surrounding is so comfortable that it feels like eating in your own house. Plate presentation is beyond explanation and offers variety of dishes.


Highly demanded dish here is oysters and other seafood items. There bread putting with a special sauce is also famous.

First Choice

Dishes like ribs, spicy macaroni salad, fries are must try once you visit this place.

Thus one can easily find good places to eat in Tampa as the place is already known for its cuisine and lively restaurants where you can enjoy best food. The list of some such places is given below:


It provides good comfortable environment to food lovers and also known for variety of beer, wine and cocktails.


This place is a good choice to enjoy food with family and friends in its relaxing atmosphere. Food served is of high quality and unique taste.

Oxford Exchange

Chef Erin Guggino is well known for its menu consisting of fresh yet simple meals by using natural, seasonal and local ingredients. They serve all meats starting from breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner at very affordable rates.

The Refinery

Greg Baker who is owner of this restaurant focuses on good food to be served. They change menu after every week and is enjoyable place to visit.

The Tampa Club

Once you are a member of this club it is best place for private dining and conference facilities are also available here.

Council Oak

If you want to eat yummiest Australian steak than you must visit this place. The king crab, cocktails and oysters are perfect to start with.

FarmTable Kitchen

The grilled food here is magical. They have expert chefs and unique recipes which make this place well recognized in the whole town.

Thus the list of nice restaurants in Tampa is unlimited. Once a person enters the city there is number of restaurants having all kind of food items. It is home of fine dining, food vendors and restaurants also casual as well as expensive food places. Tampa is known throughout the world for its sea food which is prepared in such a way that its natural flavor is not spoiled. There is variety of seafood restaurants in Tampa some are listed below:

Billy’s Stone Crab Restaurant

Its stone crab is highly demanding dish, which is not only tasty but also priced low. Lunch menu includes variety of fish, chicken, sandwiches and much more. They have mesmerizing back ground music and piano bar attracting many towards it.

Bob Heilman’s Beachcomber

It is favorite place of locals since 1948. They offer steaks, seafood and best American food which are liked by locals and tourists both.

Maritana Grille

It is famous for stylish interior and menu offering local sea food prepared by using fresh vegetables and wine of 400 different brands.

Oystercatchers Restaurant

A good fish house in the town and its location has eye catching view. The oysters they serve are a must try while steak and pastas are also tasty.

Answer to the question about kid’s friendly places to eat in Tampa has many options some are mentioned below:

Cody’s Original Roadhouse

Having a good family friendly ambiance, they offer delicious barbecue chicken and fish. Kids are given free snacks, balloons with every meal.

Happy Fish

This place has beautiful wall art, great customer services and play area for children. A wonderful experience for those who want to enjoy family meal.

The Spaghetti Warehouse

Their special menu for kids makes it a great attraction for all.

Sweet Tomatoes

The menu has a huge variety of healthy kid’s food like fruit salads, yummy pastas and soups.

Square 1 Burgers

If you want to eat burgers than this place is a must try. They have beef as well as vegetable burgers.


This cafe has open area where children can play and enjoy food at a same time. French fries and variety of pizzas are everyone’s favorite here.


The menu is very affordable which big families can easily enjoy. The dishes are healthy for both kids and all.

So we can say that nice restaurants in Tampa are unlimited. All it depends on your budget and taste to order from menu.

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