What Are Type Two Diabetes Natural Treatments

type 2 diabetes

Diabetes has become a common disease these days. According to WHO and medical association reports about 422 million people suffered from the disease in 2014 surveys while in 1980 the number was 108 million.

What Are Type Two Diabetes Natural Treatments

This means the ratio has been increased from the double.  Majorly people suffered from type 2 diabetes also known as diabetes mellitus which is insulin non dependent type. The person suffering from this disease must be very careful otherwise he may suffer from blindness, kidney disorders or pain in legs. They also have delayed healing issue.

It is good to consult the doctor immediately when you feel the symptoms of diabetes so that treatment can be started. Along with medication, another important thing is to consider self-care with home remedies. Now the question is what is the best treatment for type 2 diabetes natural one or medication? For those who believe that home remedies can improve their lifestyle and help in the control of the disease then they must follow the type two diabetes treatment with home remedies. The type two diabetes natural treatment include.

Daily Exercise and Walk

Exercise and walk play a vital role in type two diabetes treatment. According to studies, the heavy exercise reduces the bad HDL level as well as the HbA1C value from the body thus controlling blood sugar levels. According to diabetes clinical trials the person who walks for two hours daily can control his blood sugar level as compared to those who are only defendant on the medications. women who walk at least four hours in a week have a 40% lower risk of developing heart disease due to diabetes. This shows that exercise is much important in this life reducing disease.

Healthy diet

Another important factor to consider for type two diabetes natural treatment is a healthy diet. It is very important to cut heavy carb, high fatty meal, fast food and sugars from your diet. Try to rely on the wheat, fibrous vegetables, grains and meat cooked in low fats and salts. Eat fruits and vegetables. Add pomegranate, black plum, spinach, and other fibrous veggies in your diet. Try to avoid bananas, mango, melons, and other sugary fruits to control your blood sugar levels. Use dairy products but skimmed form and avoid the cream and cheese.

Monitor Blood Sugar Regularly And Take Medication On Time

One of the basic factors that must be considered for type two diabetes treatment is the regular monitoring of the blood sugar. This is because when one maintains his diet and do regular exercise along with intake of medication then there are chances of getting lowering of blood sugar. For that reason, it is important to check the sugar levels regularly so that in case of any unusual feel of the body system may create problems.

Although it is not possible to get complete cure from the disease as according to diabetes clinical trials it is the mutagenic disease which can be cured but not 100% treated. Therefore, it is good that the person suffering from the disease must be careful in taking medications, do regular exercise, drink plenty of water and take healthy diet.

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