Acupressure Points on Hands for Hair Growth

Acupressure Points on Hands for Hair Growth

Hair fall is a common problem these days. One of the basic reasons, is the poor lifestyle, eating unhealthy foods and careless in hair care. Most pregnant women or any disease can lead to the hair fall problem.

Acupressure Points on Hands for Hair Growth

When someone feels the hair problem, he or she first check the reason behind it. try to use the natural home remedies like use paste of yogurt, egg, aloe Vera and any natural oil. All these natural items contain protein that boosts up the growth of the hairs. Along these remedies, another way of treating the problem is the acupressure for the hairs. There are several acupressure points on hands present for hair growth. You can use the pressure on that point to get the beneficial results.

Acupressure for hair growth

If you have just 6 to 7 minutes daily you can get the positive results and you will not face any hair fall problem in the future. In order to do acupressure for hair, follow the tips given below.

  • You can sue the olive oil directly to massage your head and after that use, the technique described below
  • Twirls the strand of hairs around the finger and give a gentle tug on to the root. It helps in the stimulation of the nerves.You can use this technique throughout the scalp and get effects within a short period of the time.
  • Another acupressure for hair point is on the eyebrows is the seat of the bliss. This is the softer part of your skull. Message the points with fingertips in order to get the positive results.
  • Start messaging lightly with your fingers. You can also use the acupressure points on hands to get relief from the abrupt hair fall.
  • After messaging at the seat of the bliss the next step is to follow is to message of the occipital ridge. It is the point where the skull joins the muscles. It is the strong acupressure point that helps you giving relief. When you massage these points, you get relief from the stress that is one of the major factors of the hair fall.
  • Between your index finger and thumb, there is present the acupressure point for hair growth on hand. Press that point gently and move in circular motion. This will not only relief your headache but also give comfort against the hair fall.
  • Reflexology message is one of the acupressure points on hand therapy. For this technique, you have to run your fingernails together, this help in the stimulation of the hair growth. the fingernail therapy increases the blood flow throughout your head thus helping in boosting of the follicles and you get rid of the hair fall.

Acupressure for hair growth is an excellent technique. If you want that you get the best results it is important that you must first catch the underlying factors like stress or some other factor. After that apply the message on the acupressure points on hands for hair growth to get fruitful results.

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