What are Acupressure Points for Quick Headache Relief

Acupressure Points for Quick Headache Relief

Are you fed up of your headache? No medicine and home remedies are working to get you relief of this annoying pain? Why not try acupressure therapy.

 What are Acupressure Points for Quick Headache Relief

It is one the famous and traditional Chinese therapy through which you can get relief from the bad pain any region of the head or migraine as well. You have to learn about the headache remedy pressure points. In order to get the benefits from the annoying pain, you have to check the acupressure points for headache relief. In order to get relief from headache check the headache message points follow the tips given below

Understand the acupressure points for headache relief

According to the studies, there are eight points in the body or face that represent the headache relief points. These are

  • Si bai- on the cheek present directly below the pupil
  • Yi Feng- 1 Cun below the ear lobe
  • Tian Zhu- present on the back of the neck- 1 cun from the spine
  • Tong Zi lao-0.5 cun away from the outer lobe of the ear
  • Zan Zhu- present at the inner end of the ear lobe
  • Hegu -present between the thumb and the index finger
  • Qu bin- above the ear, near the top of the ear.
  • Touwei-at the corner side of the forehead

These are the headache message points for acupressure for a headache. You can practice any one of these points to get the relief from a headache.

Technique to follow

After knowing about the acupressure points for headache relief the next step to follow the technique to apply acupressure on the headache message point. For this purpose, you have to sit comfortably and take a deep breath.

Now press your finger firmly on one of the pressure points describe above and move clockwise and anticlockwise for few minutes

The example that can help you understand for the pressure application

One pressure point is Hegu that is located between the base of thumb and index finger. To get relive from a headache follow the following tips

Use your right thumb and the index finger, after that find the space between the base of the thumb and the index finger. Press the point for five minutes. Now apply the pressure and rotate in a circular motion. Be careful, press and circulate gently because if you press hard you may get hurt. Therefore, it may be painful.

Repeat the same procedure with your other hand.

Use this therapy several times a day so that you can get the required results. In case if you don’t get any relief, you can try other acupressure points to get the better results. The old traditional therapy can be helpful if you practice off and on. If you have a regular headache problem try to consult the doctor and go for a certain test to get the underlying cause of a headache. Do not leave it unattended. Practice acupressure to get relief from a headache as well as take proper medication to get relaxation from the severe annoying and irritating pain.

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