What Are the Acupressure Points For Sinus And How To Get Relief

sinus infection

What is Sinus?

Sinus is the inflammatory disease in which the nasal cavities get inflamed. The healthy sinus contains the air but where there is present an infection it creates blockage due to the presence of the germs and infection causing agents.

What Are the Acupressure Points For Sinus And How To Get Relief

The sinus related disease includes the common cold, allergic rhinitis, nasal polyps, and deviated septum. The words that doctor use for the sinus related diseases is acute sinusitis, sinus inflammation, recurrent sinusitis. Majorly these conditions occur due to weather changes, feeding at unhygienic conditions and allergies.


You can get treatment through medicines or use the sinus infection massage technique to get sinus congestion relief. The acupressure points for sinus are present you can use the massage technique to get relief.  To heal yourself from annoying cold symptoms you can use the acupressure points for sinus. These are.

Sinus support point at the nose

You get the immediate relief from this infection, stimulate this point. This is L1 fragrance point, present on both sides of the nose, and the cheeks. It is basically the junction of these areas of the face. Hold it for three minutes and apply pressure on both sides of nose firmly. This is the best acupressure point for sinus that helps how to relieve sinus congestion.

Starting technique to get the positive results

In order to get the positive results, it is important to find the right acupressure points for sinus so that you get you to get the answer for your question how to get relief from the sinus. The acupressure points for sinus are just 0.5 mm in the area so the right location of placement of the finger is very important. You can even use the ballpoint to press the point in order to get the sinus congestion relief. It is important to sense the sensation if you fail to sense any point then find other location so that you can reach right sinus message point.

How to get expected results?

After finding the right location for the sinus massage for congestion points the next important step to follow is that practice it two or three times a day as well as till you get complete relief from the symptoms. otherwise, you may not get the beneficiary results. For the allergy problem relief, you only need six minutes at one time.

Try to apply the gentle and firm pressure so that you can get the expected positive results rather than hurting yourself.

The natural Chinese traditional acupressure points for sinus therapy is the best way to relieve the irritating symptoms of the infection. In case the symptoms worsen and you don’t get the result from this therapy than consult your doctor to avoid the worsening symptoms of the acute as well as chronic sinusitis. If you are suffering from the cold immediately try the therapy and see the magic, within two or three days you will feel fresh and healthy.

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