Best Places to Shop in Barcelona

Barcelona is the Catalonia’s capital city in Spain. It is known as one of highly populated city in Europe. In year 2008 its total population was 1,621,090. Climate of the city has hot and dry summers while winters are mild and wet. After London, Rome, Paris and Istanbul this city is ranked as 5th mostly visited city of Europe and tourists favorite attraction in Spain. This place is best tourist destination because of beautiful beaches, warm weather, shopping areas, arts, architecture and historical sites.

There are number of shopping areas in Barcelona each one is very different from another. This place is famous for fashion and variety of shops and outlets are present there. So the best places to shop in Barcelona are:

The Portal de l’Àngel

This place is known for its shops selling variety of fashionable brand of clothes as well as accessories.

Plaça de Sant Josep Oriol

It is a lively place to visit having number of street performers, musicians, painters and fortune tellers. Handicraft shops and boutiques attract many towards it.

Avinguda Diagonal

All international brands are available in this market like Gucci, Armani and Calvin Klein etc.

Les Glòries

It’s a huge shopping center having almost 230 shops, cinema, restaurants and bars.

The Centre Comercial Maremàgnu

This shopping mall has everything under one roof from shops to discos, restaurants, bars, cinema, mini golf course and aquarium. A perfect place for fun and shopping both.

Diagonal Mar

It’s a new and modern design centre having all kinds of shops, play area for kids and eye catching view of sea. First floor has all household goods, second has boutiques and third floor has a food court.

La Rambla

This place is famous for bookshops, restaurants, flower stalls and cowboy boots. Those who love photography must visit this mall.

Mercat de Sant Antoni

It’s a Sunday market where one can find everything at very reasonable rates.

Boqueria Market

This market is well known for its display of vegetables, fruits, seafood etc.

While visiting Barcelona one must buy unique and original Barcelona’s products and gifts for their loved ones so the answer of what to buy in Barcelona has unlimited list some of very famous shops are given below:

  • Chandal: Visiting this shop make you feel as you have gone back in past from T -shirts, cameras, video games, old musical instruments, recorders everything is impressive.
  • Bon Vent: If has variety of candles, hats, handmade baskets this little shop is well decorated it also sells many artists painted pottery etc.
  • Wawas: If you want to buy gifts for people back home than you must visit this place offering real Barcelona’s products like chocolate bars, tapas and other famous local items.
  • Formista: It’s a small gallery as well as shop selling variety of handcrafted things like jewelry, clay items, leather products and much more.
  • Papabubble: This is everyone’s favorite candy shop with amazing flavors, colors, smell and taste especially kids love to come again and again once they visited the place.
  • Fantastik: Here you can find almost all everyday entities from all around the globe. It is a good bargaining place as well where you get desired objects at reasonable rates.
  • Lair CCCB: This outstanding bookshop offers all kind of books whether related to arts, fashion, cookbooks, history, photography you can find all here.
  • La Manual Alpargatera: They have genuine handmade shoes at a very cheap cost. This old shop has queues of customer’s everyday for picking a pair of shoes.

As shopping is something that almost everyone is interested in best places to shop in Barcelona has variety of options you just have to make a list and go for it.

Spain is one of the tourist’s favorite attractions because of arts, architecture, culture, food and shops. There are many famous things what is Spain known for like:

  • Mediterranean Beaches: Spain has almost 3000 beautiful beaches. Water is clean and white sand has mesmerizing view.
  • Alcohol and Drinks: This is what Spain famous for and is also 3rd largest country in producing wine throughout the world.
  • Football: The people of Spain are crazy for football game. They have won many trophies and have many clubs as well.
  • Paella: The unique Spanish cuisine is very much liked by visitors. Paella a national dish is a must try item.
  • La Tomatina: This is the most popular festival celebrated in Augusts’ last Wednesday each year where people do fighting with tomatoes for an hour or so.
  • Corrida De Toros (Bullfighting): It is in Spain’s culture since long time. 3 people fight with a bull and it has 3 stages. If you are able to kill the bull then its ear is given to you as a trophy.

Thus cheap shopping in Barcelona is easy if you visit selected markets where rates are low and one can easily bargain.

  • Bershka: Its favorite place to shop especially for teenagers as is really cheap for buying garments.
  • Flores Navarro: This flower shop is one of its kinds in the town. All variety of bunches, bouquets, roses, flowers are available at cheap rates.
  • La Manual Alpargatera: A perfect place for shoe lovers they have workshop just behind their shop and shoes are very good at affordable prices. They also sell bags, hand woven hats etc.
  • El Corte Inglés: This departmental store showcases all types of cosmetics from all brands local and international you can pick something according to your own budget.
  • Leo Pollock: A good place for bargainers, everything here is unique and vintage collection attracts many towards it.
  • Custo Barcelona: If you want to buy something original and reasonable in cost this is best place to visit. A very famous designer Custo is well known for trendy clothes, colors and stylish designs. They sell good quality stuff at fair price.

So we can say that best places to shop in Barcelona are not that difficult to find and if you are good at bargaining than stalls, streets shops and cut price markets are waiting for you.

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