5 Bollywood Stars who turned Poor to Rich

5 Bollywood Stars who turned Poor to Rich

We think that that the life of these rich Bollywood stars is super fancy and they have been blessed with numerous privileges. But, is that the case with every Bollywood actor?

It is not. In fact there are some Bollywood actors that have a very surprising background. They were not always rich. They have come from poor unstable backgrounds.

5 Bollywood Stars who turned Poor to Rich

Akshay Kumar

The first on our list of 5 Bollywood starts that turned from being poor to being rich is Akshay Kumar.Before becoming a successful writer, he used to be a waiter at several restaurants in Bangkok. Being a waiter helped him raise his livelihood. Sometimes when he didn’t have any place to go, he would sleep on the floor of the kitchen.

Amitabh Bachan

We look have looked at Amitabh Bachan in a way that highlights his strong personality and sharp character. Many people do not find it easy to absorb that Amitabh Bachan did not have a lot of money
to give him and his family the basic needs and requirements. It was later in life, that he was recognized for his acting talent which gave a boost to his talent. Before anybody knew Amitabh Bachan, he would
often sleep on the benches of Marine Drive.

Boman Irani

Known for his comedy and acting skills, Boman Irani also lands the list of 5 Bollywood stars who turned poor to rich. It might be a little hard to believe that he was part of the room service in the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel. He would serve guests and would also work as a waiter. The family of Boman Irani owned a small bakery shop at that time. On weekends, he would help his mom in the bakery and work very hard to make ends meet.


The famous Thaliana, before being known by anyone he was a bus conductor. He was also a coolie that would help people with their luggage on a train stop. Eager to pursue the line of acting he tried several times to gain that spot. He did several minor roles in Kannada mythological moral plays. These stage plays did help him gain appreciation, but not enough money or resources to make it to Bollywood.

Shahrukh Khan

The king of Bollywood, Shahrukh Khan quit his Masters Degree in Mass Communication to pursue his acting career. When he came to Mumbai he only had 150 Rs with him. That was all he had when he started his acting career. At first he used to get very minor roles that didn’t help him stand out, neither were they enough to help him gain enough money to earn a decent house. The one thing that all these actors had in common was their will to keep struggling. None of them gave up or tried to adopt another profession that would help them gain a healthy amount of money. They really wanted to act and earn a spot in Bollywood which they did!

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