Good Places to Eat in Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge is capital of Louisiana which is one of the U.S state and also a second largest city. Its total population is around 228,590. It is a main industrial, medical, research center of South America. The large ports play an important role in shipping and trading. Climate is humid having mild winters while hot and humid summer season.

While visiting any place one thing a person must tries is the cuisine of that area. There is variety of good places to eat in Baton Rouge from local to international food everything is available. Few of very known such places are listed below:

  • El Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant: It is an old restaurant with most authentic dishes, located on a highway. The 84 years old owner still looks after this place. Chefs are expert and know the use of spices very well. The most demanding dishes are salsa and tamales. Its good choice for those who want to try Mexican food.
  • The Chimes: The serve classic food and location is also convenient. Bar offers vine of different brands from all over the world and variety of cocktails. Its good place to hang out with family or friends.
  • Louie’s Café: This restaurant remains opens 24 hours a day. The menu is amazing and prices are also reasonable. Famous cheese burgers, pancakes are a must try dish here. Students and youngsters who want to enjoy nightlife can visit this place.
  • The Original George’s Restaurant: They serve one of the best junk food in the town. Burgers are delicious with variety of fillings to choose from, along with fries and onion rings.
  • City Pork Deli & Charcuterie: It’s a new restaurant but gained popularity in short span of time for amazing food. They offer yummy smoked pork and other international dishes. The home made pickles and toppings are just perfect in taste. Price are affordable and environment is relaxing.
  • Pinetta’s European Restaurant: This Old Italian cafe has much to offer. Since 1962 it is providing satisfactory services to its customers. The interior is so beautifully designed that it attracts people, red and white table clothes with dims lights presents an eye catching view. The menu has not only Italian but also German and Turkish cuisine.
  • Chelsea’s Café: It’s a cool place to visit with good food, a bar, live music and a lot more. You cannot forget this place once you come here. They serve delicious sandwiches and tomato soup in the town.
  • Bistro Byronz: This stylish French cafe is known for its wonderful food and service. Beef roast; fried fish with rice, craw fish are some of very famous dishes here. They have variety of lunch options. The sweet dishes are must try and pudding is just great in taste.
  • Louisiana Lagniappe: Chefs here knows how to make dishes according to the taste of customer. The addition of spices and topping are just as one wants. They serve simple yet delicious food made from fresh ingredients.
  • Gino’s Restaurant: This 45 year’s old restaurant come up with variety in their menu and is run by a family. They use homemade ingredients in preparation of dishes thus giving them a unique taste.
  • Mason’s Grill: It’s a crowded place one has to wait for a turn but it’s worth waiting. Booking must be done in advance especially on Sundays. The breakfast menu has burgers, fried chicken, waffles and much more. Variety of drinks, shakes, coffee is also available here.

Outdoor Restaurants in Baton Rouge

For food lovers there are so many nice restaurants in Baton Rouge that one has to think before selecting the best. Those how wants to enjoy meal in open fresh air after long tiring day at office must look for some options given below:

  • The Bulldog: This restaurant has much space to cater large number of people at a time. They also have a fire place and open kitchen where chefs cook in front of you. Outside bar is great place to enjoy drink and relax in a cool atmosphere.
  • Tsunami: It has a best view of a city. The outdoor arrangements are very satisfactory and food is good in taste.
  • 3rd Street in Downtown Baton Rouge: It’s a good choice to hang out with friends. They have upstairs balcony where you can enjoy food after shopping or a movie. They also have a space to arrange small gatherings.

Thus we can that good places to eat in Baton Rouge are easy to find just with a little search.

Best Seafood in Baton Rouge

Couple looking for Romantic restaurants in Baton Rouge will never get dissatisfied because restaurants here know how to treat them well. If you are visiting this city for the very first time you must try its seafood as some place are outstanding in serving seafood in the town like:

  • Ralph and Kacoo’s: This is a bit expensive restaurant but they serve hygienic and yummy food. They have variety of seafood such as catfish, alligator, prawns, frog legs and much more. Fresh salmon and barbecue items are demanded much.
  • Sno’s Seafood & Steakhouse: This family restaurant was firstly open in 1971 they are known in the town for steaks, fried shrimp, oysters and soft shell crabs etc. Both locals and outsiders visit this place often and get back very satisfied.
  • Don’s Seafood: This 1934 restaurant is owned by a family and they also run it. They changed the concept of dinning by bringing innovation in dishes with a perfect fusion of modern and traditional recipes.  They use fresh seafood items; chefs are skillful and know the real method of cooking. Special menu for children are also available here.

Thus the answer to good places to eat in Baton Rouge is very well covered in this article and it will be helpful for those looking for such kind of information.

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