Good Places to Eat in San Antonio

San Antonio is the second densely populated city in Texas which is one of U.S state. Its total population is around 1,409,019. It is on the list of top ten fastest growing cities in United States of America during the period of 2000 till 2010. The weather in San Antonio has warm summers while winters are mild while spring and autumn are both warm and rainy. If you are visiting this city for the very first time you can came across many good places to eat in San Antonio offering variety of food items from local to continental, few famous places are mentioned below:

  • Gwendolyn: This restaurant uses organic and fresh local ingredients to create amazing dishes. The service is quick and satisfactory. It is said that one cannot forget the experience as this area holds a special place in the hearts of people.
  • The Granary ‘Cue and Brew’: This beautifully designed place made from bricks and wooden interior attracts everyone. It was opened in 2012 and smoked beef they offer is one of the most demanding dishes. The menu has fusion of both traditional and modern cuisine. Their home made pastrami is very famous and delicious while they also have variety of ice-cream flavors liked by all.
  • Mi Tierra Cafe Y Panaderia: With huge and well decorated dining rooms this place remains open 24 hours a day still one can find crowd whenever they visit. Cabrito is one of its special dishes which are ordered by a large number of people every day. If you are thinking to visit this place next weekend make sure table booking is done in advance otherwise you may have to wait for long hours.
  • Chris Madrid’s: This old restaurant was opened in 1970’s and since then it is a favorite place of college students, locals, outsiders and businessmen. Its cheeseburger is a must try thing. The bun is toasted very well with good quantity of cheese and tasty patty inside. The rates are also very reasonable and it’s a good option to visit with friends and family.
  • The Luxury: It’s a relaxing place to visit after a long tiring day. Its location is amazing with a beautiful view. The most famous food items they offer are sandwiches with French fires and beer. One can choose filling in a sandwich just according to the taste as they have variety of flavors and dips.
  • Schilo’s Delicatessen: They serve best German-American food in the town hot dogs, hamburgers; sandwiches and homemade bread all are deliciously made from fresh ingredients. The most irresistible dish is corned beef with cabbage and potato salad. You can find a large number of people here during lunch time but the place is worth waiting.
  • Rosario’s: This Mexican cafe has colorful artwork, amazing interior with high ceiling and suitable lighting. This place is very affordable with quick service. The menu has variety of dishes from both heavy to healthy meals.

Besides all this the answer to what is San Antonio known for is its largest number of military bases in U.S.A and it is also a home of various military installations.

Must Try Food in San Antonio

There are various cheap places to eat in San Antonio, all you need is to search a little bit and you will find perfect place with amazing choices. It is said that one must not leave this place without trying some food items which are given below:

  • Puffy tacos: This is considered as San Antonio’s signature dish which every visitor must try. It is liked by both locals and outsides.
  • Texas quail: The quail served here has best flavor as compare to any other city. One can enjoy every bite of it because of rich flavor and wonderful taste.
  • Chilaquiles Verdes: The key ingredient of this dish is salsa in which it is soaked. Regio cafe does justice with it as they make it in a perfect way. The expert chefs know the real recipe and required level of heat to cook.
  • Scallops: This city offers yummy buttery scallops which are irresistible once you have tried them.
  • Chicken fried steak: People here know how to make crispy and perfect chicken fried steak having good balance of spices served with variety of dips.
  • Sashimi: If you want to eat best sashimi you can found number of restaurants here having outstanding sashimi, sushi and much more.
  • Guacamole Olmeca: One can find this dish easily in San Antonio. There is variety of both traditional as well as modern version of it in almost every restaurant.

All good places to eat in San Antonio whether expensive or inexpensive serve these above mentioned dishes in its best possible way thus is liked by almost everyone who has tried them at least once.

Best River Walk Restaurants in San Antonio

We can say that there are number of fun places to eat in San Antonio where one can enjoy meal in good environment along with friends or kids. If you want to relax in peaceful atmosphere away from rush areas you can always go for river walk restaurants some very famous are as follows:

  • Las Ramblas: This local restaurant is best place to dine in the town. One can either choose to sit inside or can enjoy food in open air with wonderful view.
  • Biga: It’s a good place to spend an evening with friends and family. Their menu is tempting and prices are fixed but reasonable.
  • Acenar: It is located in downtown on River walk. The chefs are expert in making creative new dishes. For food lovers who want twist in dishes must go to check out their men.
  • Luke: This is owned by Chef John Besh but is run by a local chef. It is known as one of the best restaurant in the city River walk. The menu has authentic dishes as well as modern items.

Thus this article will be very informative to those who are looking for good places to eat in San Antonio.

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