Good Places to Eat in San Jose

Sea, sun and tasty food, is the other description that can be used for San Jose. It is the biggest city of Silicon Valley where there are wide range of places to set your eating venue. There are local as well as fusion cuisine restaurants which serve the food which suit your taste buds well enough. For enjoying the Californian food which is best of all, go through following restaurants.

Experience Fun Places to Eat in San Jose with Remarkable Food

Menu with enjoyment is best as you feel fresh. Following are some of the best ever restaurants where you will enjoy while eating.

The Table

It is one of the good places to eat in San Jose and is located in the 1110, Willow-Street. Best memories of life have many of them created while sitting around a table. This restaurant has urban neighborhood paying tribute to unique ability of table`s for bringing together tasty drinks, good people and delicious food. The environment is created such that guests experience it just like enjoying meal at home of any of their friends. This is specialty of Table`s that it provides very comfortable home like eating environment.Interior design of this restaurant reflects philosophy of being welcoming and cozy. Wooden details and rustic location also adds to this welcoming environment. Base of their contemporary and hearty American cuisine is farm to table food and seasonal ingredients.

Café Stritch

This café have coolest venue in the whole town and is best for night out fun. It is one of the nice restaurants in San Jose. There is Jazz bistro which plays live lovely music. There are 2 types of food items served in this restaurant, casual American like waffles and chicken and modern comfort foodies. There are must to try cheese and mac with signature dish namely Eulipion Sandwich. Its location is in district of Arty SOFA and has an exposed brick design & pub style. This restaurant is best for people desirous of eating in relaxed atmosphere and enjoying good music.

Original Gravity-Public House

This is the first-craft beer bar in city center of San Jose. This is the place for beer lovers no matter what kind of beer it is. There is rotating menu for both domestic & imported craft-beer which offers various types of beer varieties even for tastes which are most discerning.Beer is accompanied with impressive foodies of the gourmet sausages. These sausages are from award winning local butchers of Bay Area making this restaurant one of the good places to eat in San Jose. There are flavors that range from traditional like boudin, bratwurst to experimental like sweet potato. There are also sandwiches of grilled cheese and duck fats fries. Events are also organized by the bar that features Californian & international niche-market beer tasting.

El Jardin

Are you a romance lover? This is the answer to what is San Jose known for. This one is especially for you to visit located in the Santana Row. It is nestled under Californian oak and boasts romantic outdoor-patio. It is the best restaurant in the town with Mexican theme.It offers 100 percent blue tequila, Mexican foodies and Mariachi music which altogether create an enjoyable and cheerful atmosphere to enjoy get together.There are Spanish style benches and slow slung chairs around huge oak which are reclined on fluffy pillows. These sample tapas style menu. There is also choice for sitting at rustic wooden tables to sip tequila infusions. These infusions are made from fresh juices.

Places to Eat in San Jose with Special Features Apart From Foodies

Following places are not just confined to eating venues but offer much more for visitors. Have a look;

Scott`s Seafood

It is located in the Park Avenue. San Jose is close to Pacific Ocean, so there are large numbers of fish restaurants to enjoy sea food. It serves American cuisine which features various kinds of salads, soups, pasta and other seafood dishes.It uses freshest and best fish with high quality ingredients. Located at 6th floor you enjoy breathtaking city view and surrounding Silicon Valley hills. Interior design is fair enough to attract visitors. All these features make this a perfect eating place of all times whether it is casual dining or business meeting or any special event.

Vyne Bistro

It is located in between 3rd& 4th street of city center of the San Jose. It is a wine bar particularly. It has red walls and has soft lights with minimal interior designing. It is best venue for drinking after work with friends. It is also best for evening outs. You can sit by floor to ceiling windows or get cozy up-to fireplace and enjoy various types of wines offered here. There are local triples along with international vintages in this modern wine-bar. You will not experience any lack of variety. It however mainly focuses on the wines of sublime from Napa-Valley grapes. Food menu here includes salads, desserts and Paninis. Standout dishes of this restaurant are cheese plate & cold-cut plate.

Saint Peter

This place offers European tradition with a blend of American taste. It is basically European grill which features French & Italian Flavors cuisine. These are however made from products of California.From risotto to bruschetta all things are made of best quality ingredients. List of wines covers best products from Mediterranean for example pinot grigio, chianti & sparkling French-Jean Philip. Product which you must try when visiting it are bacon wrapped grilled-top sirloin and wild-mushroom ravioli. When it comes to desserts, tiramisu and crème brule are a must to try.

Henry`s Hi-Life

This restaurant has its location in Gardens of Guadalupe River. This one is popular among Italian immigrants. It is an old character American steakhouse among good places to eat in San Jose plus barbecue place which is deliberately unpretentious and rustic. Here you enjoy fresh ingredients, quality meet and cheerful and relaxed atmosphere making it a perfect venue.Barbecued chicken offered here is moist and juicy. Another wonderful serving is that of boneless teriyaki. Among all foodies, spare ribs is the best one and is also a cause of its good reputation. You enjoy these with baked potato, garlic bread and salad.

Orchestria-Palm Court

It is located in the 27-E Willian Street. This is basically a brick building which was restored in 1910. When you enter this restaurant you feel life you are still in 20th century. Its music is as that of beginning of 20th century like jazz, blues and ragtime all kind of mesmerizing tones. Instruments used for playing are also that of early 1900`s for example Wurlitzer piano violin. Specialization of its menu is in European cuisine which features only organic local form ingredients.

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