10 Luckiest People In The World

10 Luckiest People In The World

Here is a list of the 10 most lucky people in the world. All of us want to be super lucky and benefit from all the good that comes out from being lucky. Whether it is finding money from an unusual place or getting through a massive accident without even getting a single scratch.Being lucky has its perks and we cannot ignore that.

The first person that deserves appraisal is this random guy who was getting out of his car. In a blink of an eye, another car comes from the front towards him. Now, if we look at the scenario,

10 Luckiest People In The World

we can easily predict that the car must have hit the poor guy. The accident must be severe and a lot of damage must have been done. But guess what? Nothing happened to that guy! Nada!

Sounds strange, no? Well don’t call it strange, call it luck! The guy was super lucky as the car went past him although it was coming at his direction in the first place.

Next, we can highlight another real incident that took place. In this accident a guy on his bike came from the right side. He was on his bike at a high speed. Unfortunately, his brakes failed and his bike goes out of control. The road he is one connects him to another main road where there is heavy traffic. Now, what do we think is possible? His brakes fail and he is about to ride into a busy road, he probably would hit something. But, guess what? He does not! The bike slides across to the side of the road hitting anything at all.

Another real accident that highlights how lucky someone can be is this person who is casually walking at the side of the road. He is on the side and he is not in the middle of the road to be an obstacle for any traffic. The traffic however goes out of control a little when the loaded truck and the car drift away to avoid collision. They do avoid their collision, but their vehicles happen to go out of control and aim for the guy. The poor guy who was walking to the side panics but he has nowhere to run since the vehicles surround him. Luckily for him the two vehicles drift apart again in a fraction of second and do not hit him!

Another real-life accident took place where there was a person on the bike. He was passing the zebra crossing very carefully. Suddenly two cars come rushing at his direction. As everything happens too fast, he is unable to make any move. But his luck saves him and the two cars went pass him.

We all have seen that the tire of a truck is super big, no? One might be able to stop it if its coming your way with full speed. That’s what happened with a bunch of people too who were standing at the bus stop and a tire came running towards them. Because they were lucky the tire went away smoothly without hurting anyone.

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