Best Medical Insurance Companies In India

Surety for one’s health in the prospect of medical insurance is the most buzzing bee in one’s bonnet. Medical and health issues are mainly the outcomes of continuously emerging contaminators in the environment. Middle class individuals face a lot of difficulties to cope up with such issues but this situation can be handled aptly to opt out the best medical insurance company. Here we are going to discuss some of the best medical insurance companies in India.

Best Medical Insurance Companies In India 2018

Max Bupa is hitting on top of the list which is a combined alliance of Max India Limited with Bupa Group (naissance in 2010). In India, it is facilitating with free of cost advantages in more than 3500 hospitals spanned in India. To get a quick response, just fill your online form and avail the coverage for four individuals including two children and two adults. Along with free medical check-up after every second year, you can also claim 55.16% gain.

Next to it lying Star Health & Allied Insurance, got its life in 2006 to deliver benefits for over 7000 hospitals located in India. Being the crowned health insurance company, it also hosts 4 persons (including 2 children and 2 adults) with the gain of 63.96%.Unlike Max Bupa, check-ups take place after every 4 years.

IFFCO Tokio Family Health Protector Policy is summing up with some extraordinary features regarding insurance. IFFCO Tokio Family Health Protector Policy takes responsibility of the whole family during medical urgencies. This very policy offers medical benefits for ambulance fares, hospitalization, medical tests expenses and consultancy fees of doctors. Without limitation of individuals’ entitlement under unit policy, ensures financial coverage up to and ahead of 5, 00,000. Another special feature of this policy is that, there is zero demand of medical tests for entitlement of individuals up to an age of 55 years.

Almost all the best medical insurance companies cover free pre-hospitalization of 30-45 days and round about 60 days post-hospitalization for demanded medical expenditures.

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