Nice Restaurants in Honolulu

Eating comes after visiting the special and famous places in every country to which a person goes for vacations, so most of the people are concerned about the restaurants that offer the delicious meals and they look for the restaurants in Honolulu prior to they leave their place for the visit. It is better to know which restaurants are offering the wide variety of dishes with the amazing desserts before landing to Honolulu because it saves the time of searching a good restaurant when the person is already in Honolulu. Here is the list of some nice restaurants in Honolulu:

Chef Mavro

It is an outstanding restaurant to have lunch or dinner, the taste of the tomato-ogo-fines herbs sauce served there cannot be forgotten by anyone who taste it once. The restaurant is different from other restaurants because the meals are served with the wine, the dish that is loved by many is named as Onaga which is a baked recipe and it tastes nice. The people who go to Honolulu for a tour should not miss eating a meal from there; it is one of the best places to enjoy the meal with the friends or the family members.


Those who love to dine with the loved ones on the beachfront restaurant can go for LA MER; it is a perfect place for a romantic dinner. The great dishes that are served there includes the fresh seafood and the roasted duck, one cannot imagine how tasty it is because the taste cannot be found anywhere else in the world. The environment of the restaurant is perfect for spending quality time with the beloved; the great taste of the food can’t be compared to the food available at the other restaurants.


The place is good for the meat lovers as the delicious grilled beef is on the menu, which is famous and the chicken spring rolls cannot be resisted when a person is in the restaurant. Those who visit the place and try the rolls can never forget the taste and there are also many things on the menu for the fish lovers. The best dish made with the fish is the butter fish, which can be enjoyed with the friends when a person is on the trip to the place.


A restaurant is not a good place if it doesn’t offer a good dessert, it is in the list of the nice restaurants in Honolulu because the dessert with the name of Apple-banana flambé for which the rum is used in its preparation. The beef lovers can order the beef tenderloin, which is prepared with the unique recipe due to which the taste cannot be found in any other restaurant.

Morimoto Waikiki

It is a great place to visit in the winter season as well as in summer season because hot and cold appetizers are served with the unique taste. The soups served at the restaurant are tasty and they provide warmth to enjoy time with the spouse on a romantic dinner, there is a variety of steaks offered there from which the choice is difficult as every dish taste better than the other. This restaurant is a must visit if the person is in Honolulu for a short period of time because the taste cannot be forgotten.

Haleiwa Joe’s

It is one of the good places to eat in Honolulu because it is preferred by the people who visit Honolulu often for the business purpose or for any other reason. The most famous dish of the place is the coconut shrimp recipe that is not served better anywhere than this restaurant. It is also reputed for serving the tasty seafood, so it is a great place to enjoy the lunch with the family when on vacations.


It is a great place to enjoy the seafood and is one of the great places of the people who love to eat fish, it is better to get a table near the window to enjoy the beauty outside the restaurant. It is a good place of Honolulu not just because of serving the tastiest meals, but for the peaceful environment surrounding it.

Helens’s Hawaiian Food

The outstanding dishes served at the restaurant include grilled meat and the taste of the juicy Kalua pork cannot be forgotten by the pork lovers. There are many dishes on the menu which a person cannot resist ordering because of the unique taste due to which it is included in the list of best places to eat in Honolulu.

Char Hung Sut

Like every restaurant has a specialty, the best dish that is served there is pork filled buns that are tastier than the burgers. The great thing about this place is the food available here is cheap; people like to eat the fried noodles from the restaurant as the taste cannot be found in any other part of the world.

Leonard’s Bakery

A good place to enjoy the tea with the bakery items, the doughnuts that are served there with no holes are loved by the residents as well as those who visit the place for a specific time period. The cream filling in the special doughnuts prepared in the bakery adds to the taste and it is a great eatable to enjoy with the tea or coffee. There are many other items available at the bakery, which are worth eating because of the unique taste and preparation with the innovative recipe.

Nothing can be compared to a great place with the tasty food when a person wants to enjoy time with the loved one and there are many restaurants that are doing a good job in keeping the people happy by offering them delicious food along with the splendid view and peaceful environment where nothing can annoy the couple. There are a number of nice restaurants in Honolulu which are a must visit when the person plans a trip there because it is good to taste the dishes served in different restaurants of different countries.

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