4 Biggest Predictions that Stephen Hawking left us

Stephen Hawking had a brilliant mind that, in spite of not having mobility in the whole body except a muscle of the cheek, continued using until the last day. These are the 4 predictions that Hawking left us about the future of humanity.

Stephen Hawking devoted his whole life to science researching black holes and the general theory of relativity and spreading his knowledge to the masses.

The renowned physicist spent more than 5 decades immobile in a wheelchair. He was diagnosed with ALS  at age 21, and in his last days the last part of the body he could move was a cheek muscle.

However, until the end of his days Hawking continued to use his mind, which worked better than none, to analyze the world and humanity.

4 Predictions that Stephen Hawking left us

The great scientist left some predictions about the future of humanity before his death. Let’s see what are the 4 great predictions of Hawking :

  • The earth will become a fireball: Hawking predicted that by 2600 the earth would be a great fireball because of overpopulation and excessive energy consumption, making our planet uninhabitable. Therefore, Hawking was part of the Breakthrough Starshot initiative whose goal was to find new habitable planets.
  • Warnings about Artificial Intelligence : Hawking warned that AI could be the ” worst event in the history of mankind ” and on numerous occasions showed its concern about the uncontrolled advances of AI that could completely replace humans . The scientist did not deny the benefits of Artificial Intelligence, but stressed that if we did not learn to prepare and avoid the risks that these could be devastating.
  • The ultimatum on global warming : After Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Agreement Hawking argued that the actions of the US president could be crucial for the planet , which could end up being like Venus with a temperature of 250 degrees and sulfuric acid falling from the sky. The scientist claimed that the damage caused by humanity to planet earth was close to being irreversible.
  • The existence of the aliens : Just as Hawking spent his day looking at other planets from the earth, he did not rule out that others were looking at the earth from their worlds. The scientist started projects to find life on other planets, but we will have to wait to see if Hawking’s prediction was correct.

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