Best Review of Android GO Apps 2018

Google has released the bunch of Android Go Apps including google go, files go,gmail go,YouTube go and maps go that lot of go apps.But lets see the first of all about.

Useful info about Some Android GO Apps

Google Go App

First of I tried the google go app which is supposed to be much light on the system while offering the most useful features from the regular google app. The app is the clearly design  to look simple and has features like voice search, maps,jips and even google translate all that for installed app size of just around 12 MP in comparison the regular google app that around a 166 mb that’s insane.Sure google go does not have features like the google feed but that’s really ok considering the space you saving and lot of people anyway  don’t really use the google feed. Apart from that google go pretty much has every feature that you would expect in the google app not just that google go uses way less ram than the google optus. In my case I found google go used about 61 mb ram on average well the google app used about the 256 mb. I tested the ram using “Abb” so you can count the result to be pretty accurate.

Maps Go App

After google go I moved on to maps go,and this app is especially interesting because the APK was just 0.09 MB in size if we comparison to the regular maps app is massive 48 MB its not massive but as compared to go maps app. The maps go app offer lot of features  including directions. It takes  less than 200 KB of installing as compare to maps which takes up around 87 to 90 MB. However that insanely small size comes at big price. The maps go app does not support navigation because I can get direction but I can’t go from directions to real time navigation and  that’s big turn for me. However it has some awesome features from google map web app that you can get traffic  information for different time of the day.In terms of ram usage maps go is amazing it use just 3.5 mb ram on average as compare to google map that has 183 mb ram.

Files Go App

The next app I tried is files go, it is comes around in 14 MB installed in comparison a third party file explorer like  solid file explorer is 22 MB installed the difference is all that big but files go more than makes up for it with the features offers, it has number of useful features like duplicate files, lower to images and app cash.

Gmail Go App

Even on an entry level  device chances are people are going to want check their emails, google knows that and google know everything the company also has the Gmail Go App so people can enjoy the ease simplicity of gmail on their  phones. The gmail go app comes with 24.8 MB even its ram also much less than regular gmail app.

Youtube Go App

Obviously  google thought of people who want to consume videos on their phone and that’s why YouTube go app is there. The YouTube Go App is different I mean it focusing on saving mobile data and storage more than anything else. But it brings one unique feature youtube go users can shared downloaded videos their friends near by.

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