Trump visits Palm Beach: Plays Golf and had GOP fundraiser lunch

President Trump attended the funeral ceremony of Rev. Billy Graham’s on Friday in North Carolina. Afterwards he visited the Palm Beach and had some chit chat with the donors. This is the 14th visit of Donald Trump at Palm Beach as a President. President Trump decided to go back to Washington on Saturday for Gridiron Club Dinner.

At 11:35 am, President Trump came back from the golf club to his Mar-a-Lago estate.

At 9:14 pm, Saturday morning, cyclists were there in front of Mar-a-Lago property. As the president was inside, therefore they were diverted to the West Palm Beach or to go back from where they came.

At Republican Leadership retreat dinner, PepeFanjul and Pastor Mark Burns visited the Mar-a-Lago on Friday evening. At this moment, the famous Time Magazine addressed Burns as the Trump’s Top Pastor.

At 7:24 am press gathers at the Mar-a-Lago but it looks like President Trump was still looking to have one more round of Gold before talking something about the fundraiser which was planned at 1:15 pm.

Today’s Schedule of President Trump

At 1:15 P.MPresident Trump will give remarks on Trump Victory Reception

At 1:50 P.MDeparting to Washington from Palm Beach International Airport

4:20 P.M On way to White House

4:40 P.M Arrives at South Lawn of White House

6:45 P.M Going to Renaissance Washington Hotel

6:55 P.MVisiting Foundation’s 133rd Anniversary Dinner at Gridiron Club

10:40 P.M Back to White House

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