What is Austin known For

Austin is the capital of Texas and is known to be the 11th most populated area there. People started to settle here in the 1830’s; with the passage of time it has developed into one of the most entertaining place. There are many things that you can do here. The people living here are all mix, including many who are working as government employees. In 1990, a nickname” Silicon Hills “was also given to the city as it is situated on the hilly area. Some of the people have also adopted a different slogan that says “Keep Austin Weird”. This is because they don’t want people to run Heavy Corporation and businesses here. What Austin known is for is the question tourists usually have when they go there. Austin is admired for its unpolluted air that gives you freshness and rejuvenates you to stay alive and healthy. People living here strictly follow the rule of no smoking in the public places. They don’t even smoke in cafes, bars and restaurants. It is considered to be the second safest city by FBI. Places in Austin taxes are many that need to be explored. Austin is known for its buildings that can tell about the history and legislature of the State of Texas. Another thing that you will find unique is the Baylor Street Art wall that has beautiful work of art. It is used by the local graffiti artists as a canvas. It keeps on changing. You are always welcome to get on top of it and enjoy the scenery from there.

An Adventurous Place

There are some marvelous adventures that you can encounter there. Austin is known for its friendly and adventurous people who love to enjoy in the fresh air of Austin. They are fond of the place they are living in. No doubt you can see many fantastic places where you can sit on Sunday to enjoy Depp Eddy Vodka Distillery that is the responsibility of the Austin Tour Company. You always get the opportunity to mingle with your old buddies to have a wonderful time. There are pleasant parks where you can sit and share your feelings with them and taste a cocktail of your choice. Not only this, you can get glass souvenirs for yourself to remember the good time you had with your friends. There isn’t bad traffic here so you can enjoy a safe journey back home.

Another such place where you can go in your free time is called “Rocket Electrics”, it is a great place to explore with your life partner or with your old friends. You don’t have to ride on your same old fashioned bikes; in fact you can ride on electric powered bikes that are amazing to ride on.  You can especially enjoy the journey by these bikes on a warm sunny morning.

Another interesting place that is the most amazing is the Congress Bridge where many bats gather. It is like a colony for the bats where they come in Spring to early fall during their migration to the north. All these places are counted as the best ones in Austin, Texas. People gather around here every evening near dusk when the bats are about to take their flight. If you have missed these places while your visit to Austin then you have missed a lot. It is amazing and fascinating to see a lot of them flying in the air in search of food. It seems to be a dramatic sight, completely unexplainable. It is great sight being on the bridge especially when you have a look while being on the cruise. People often prefer celebrating their birthdays here. You can rent or even have a safe ride on your own cruise.

If you are ever in the mood to check the Downtown, you can always do it, as The Rowing Dock which is situated on the southern shore of Lake MoPac which has a vast collection of kayaks and canoes that are available at good prices. You will relish the scenery if you will be there.

The Zilker Park is a magnificent place to visit on Sundays with kids and family. You can plan to have different outdoor activities there; such as, paddle boating, jogging, hiking, biking and many more. You can also go in the summers to swim there and have a fun in the summers. Other than these places, Hamilton Pool Reserve and Krause Springs are also the places to appreciate. During the hot days, these places are the cool spots that you can go to for entertainment.

You won’t question anyone that what Austin is known for after visiting such splendid places. Anything you want to buy for yourself, you can have it easily from the farmers market. You will have the rejoicing fruits and fresh vegetables from there. They are available to you easily here. If you would like to dine in with your beloved partner, then didn’t miss visiting the Rainey Street where the old homes have been turned into bars. The food here is as good as the people living here.

More Interesting Places

Sometimes you like to go for great expeditions such as hiking. Hiking Trails is the most suitable place to visit. It can be a marvelous outdoor adventure for you to enjoy with friends or family.Brewery Tours is another place where there are local microbreweries to enjoy with friends. You meet awesome people here who love being friendly. People who are fond of dance and good wine must not miss the treat. You never forget the taste of the enchanting craft beer that is served here.

Another exciting adventure you can be on is going to Lake Travis Zipline. You have incredible scenes to watch. There are lot of recollections that you can cherish and experiences that you will always remember. This thrilling adventure can excite you, you better be prepared for it!

Honoring Moments

All these wonderful moments will be there in your memories forever and you would like to visit Austin again and again. You will miss all these places wherever you will go and especially the revitalizing air that is motivating. Having an amazing time won’t leave you with any question especially with the usual one that is what is Austin known for?

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