What is Australia Known For

Within Pacific and Indian Ocean is Australia with a rich cultural history and vast area making it 6th largest country in the world. Major cities of Australia are situated on coasts such as Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth etc. Throughout our lives we only knew that Australia is known for Kangaroos. But do you know what? Australia has more than kangaroos wandering here and there. Things like Great Barrier Reef, vast wild deserts mostly known as the Outback and Sydney Opera House. Yes, it is true that there are more kangaroos then the people in Australia and most of its area is unpopulated. We will discuss with you some of the famous things for which Australia is known for that you might not have heard before.

So if you are a traveler and come across some foreigners or Aussies and ask them what Australia is famous or known for? Most of them will answer like Opera House Sydney, Bondi Beach, Vine, and Sydney Harbour Bridge etc. Some of the interesting facts that you can share with your friends and family about Australia as us under.

Australia occupies third largest ocean territory covering three oceans that enclose 12 million square kilometers area. On this vast land vegetation occupies 91 percent of Australian Territory whereas the rest is wild land. After the Athens, Australia is known for the world’s second largest population of Greeks can be found in Australia. Australia is the only continent in the world with 20 Million people. Do you know that most of the Australian live within 100 Kilometers of range from the coastal enabling the country one of the most urbanized coastal population.

Australia is a very big country and similar to that it has nearly 200 different languages in which there are 45 Indigenous languages. Besides the English language Italian, Cantonese, Greek, Mandarin and Arabic are most vital languages spoken in Australia. People from different parts of the world had diversified the culture of Australia making it highly multi-cultural country of the world. Most of the immigrants that arrived in Australia in the year 1945 are form Europe and Mediterranean countries. Australia comprises of nearly migrants and indigenous people from over 200 countries around the world.

Australia is the land with some of the unique ecosystems and amazing flora and fauna ranging from amazing beaches, rock formations to deep rain forests. Australia is known for 1 million native species of Flora and Fauna. Nearly 80 percent of mammals, reptiles, birds and fish belong to Australia. With 4000 species of fish and 1700 coral species, Southern part of Australia is one of the leading marine reserves of the world. The world largest reef known as the Great Barrier Reef is situated in the north-east coast of Australia.

Most of the Flora and Fauna belonging to Australia is found in Gondwana. With 7700 non vascular and 20000 vascular plants it is one of the richest floral regions on earth. With nearly 378 species of mammals, 800 species of birds and 55 species of Kangaroos Australia is one of the richest continents in terms of biological diversification.

Australians have also made progress in the field of science & technology in which the name of Professor Burnet cannot be neglected. Professor Burnet was awarded Noble Prize in the field Physiology in the year 1960 and was first Australian to claim it.

In terms on Archelogical and Heritages sites, Australia is knows for claiming 16 world heritage sites in which most of them are old towns, buildings, landscapes and cities. World heritage Royal Exhibition Building situated in Melbourne is visited by thousands of people every month.

Australians were once known as the nation that used to drink beer but now this ratio has declined in the year 2010 and 2011. Now due to a new research it is shown that every Aussie consumes nearly 4.2 liters of Beer. Time by time with the arrival of different cultural groups everything changed and Australia became the world’s second country after New Zealand to give right of vote in the hands of women.

Just like its neighbor New Zealand, Australia is known for its farming and cattle station. In Southern Australia lies Anna Creek occupying an area of 34000 square KM making it one of the largest cattle stations over the globe. It is way larger than the cattle station situated in Belgium.

When it comes to Gambling then Australia is known for highest rate of gambling in which 79 percent of the adults involved in some kind of gambling. Most of you know about the poker machines. Well 20 percent of those poker machines are the part of Australian society and Aussies love them.

Kangaroos are commonly found in nearly every part of Australia. Kangaroo meat is available in shops, supermarkets and restaurants. Australians love kangaroo meats more than beef. Besides meat, wine is a major product of Australia. Nearly every year 1.3 trillion bottles of wine are produced in Australia and imported to different part of the world.

Did you know that Australians TV channels love to air shows of cooking? Master Chef and My kitchen rules are one of the successful TV shows that are broadcasted all over the world from Australia.

Aussies call English speaking people as Pome which literally means the Prisoners from Mother England. Australian territory was once used by Queen of England for the prisoners who were sent in exile. Yes the Aussies do respect the people of England and Queen.

Australia is the only knwon place in the world where you can find the lung fish, a living fossil that date backs to 350 million years. 80 percent Aussies believe that their country has a rich culture. Although Australia has a convict history it is still has homicide rate of 1.2 percent per 100000 people which is less as compared to US which has percentage of 6.3. Australia is one of those countries that has highest paid labor hours rate which is 16$ per hour making it one of the most highly employed country in the world.

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