What is Boston known For

Boston is known as one of the largest and capital city of Massachusetts in USA having a total population of 667,137 therefore considered as 23rd populated city of United States. This place has some of the best colleges as well as universities in all fields like law, business, medicine, engineering and much more. Many students from all over the world come here for higher education although the cost of living is a bit high. The climate of Boston is humid having hot summers; winters are cold while spring is usually mild. Most of the population is Christians but other religions are also followed.

The answer to what is Boston known for are buildings and museums and it is said that those who come to this city must visit these attractions and every year millions of people from around the globe come to see these places.

Boston’s famous Museums and Buildings

  • Museum of Fine Arts: This museum is interesting place for people of all ages. It is beautifully designed having some wonderful displays. If you want to see first class art pieces from all over the world than you should plan to come here.
  • Boston Tea Party Museum: It was reopened in 2012 after the renovation was completed as original one burned in the year 2007. Presenting the history of colonial era in a very amazing way.
  • Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum: If it’s your birthday you can get a free entrance to this museum as they do not charge from those people. There is variety of things to see and enjoy.
  • The Sports Museum: People of Boston love sports and this museum has many attractions like sculptures, history of sports teams, pictures of many events and much more.
  • Museum of Science: It has almost 500 exhibits of lost aircraft’s, ships etc. A ride to solar system get attention of many visitors especially kids. You can also learn about history of flying machines, aircraft’s, space stations and close view of Mars with the use of latest technology so this is not at all boring in fact a very interesting place to go.
  • Freedom Trail: While visiting Boston one must go to 2.5 mile long redbrick trail. There are many historical sites which are eye-catching and is one of the great tourists attraction.
  • Faneuil Hall Marketplace: It lies in the heart of Boston. This is best place for shopping lovers as it offers everything from expensive to reasonable rates. There are many bars and restaurants as well so after shopping one can enjoy good meal too.
  • Fenway Park: This baseball stadium was opened in 1912. Many events are held every year and it is favorite place of both locals and outsiders.
  • Cambridge: While going on a walk to Charles River close to Cambridge you will come across one of the top university of the world, Harvard with its amazing architecture attracts not only students but also locals and visitors.
  • Harvard Museums and the Glass Flowers: It has about 3,000 models and around 830 flower species and plants. They look so real that it is hard to believe they are made up of glass. They are unique, eye-catching and are a result of Harvard’s research collection.
  • John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum: It was opened in 1979 in the memory of 35thS President. This museum has three theaters, photographs and many exhibits.
  • Boston Symphony Orchestra: Symphony Hall is known as one of the world’s best concert hall firstly opened in the year 1990. Many concerts are arranged here all year around and some programs regularly.
  • Faneuil Hall: It was completed in 1742 and was opened for public. Hall ground floor has many market stalls selling variety of products while the upper floor has a chamber which was previously used as a meeting place by revolutionaries.

So these are the places what is Boston known for and also a reason behind popularity of this city. The architecture and design of the buildings are so attractive that everyone wants to visit them once.  This city is also known for brown bread, baked beans and seafood. There are many nice restaurants in Boston to eat variety of dishes but codfish here is special and one cannot resist eating it.

List of Massachusetts famous things

There are number of things and products what is Massachusetts known for few of them are mentioned below:

  • Mayonnaise: The business was stated in 1914 by John E. Cain and now they are supplying mayonnaise all over the world. It is liked by many because of rich flavor and taste.
  • Frozen foods: Clarence Birdseye was the person who came up with the idea of catching fish and immediately freezing it so that it can last for few days. He opened a company of frozen foods and got much popularity.
  • New England Coffee: This coffee is liked by many people and the company is operated by a family and was firstly launched in Boston.
  • Toys: This place is associated with some of the top toys brands.
  • Chocolate: It is favorite thing to people of all ages. Taza a well known company having expertise in making variety of chocolates is also found in this city.
  • Potato chips: The factory producing tasty potato chips is visited by almost 250,000 people every year. The unique taste and flavor of these chips are reason behind their popularity.
  • Customized jewelry: The famous company Gemvara makes jewelry items just according to the demand of customers. They have huge variety of gems, metals and pearls to select for rings, necklaces and earrings etc.
  • Paper products: On the western part of Massachusetts there is company named Erving, they recycle used paper products and make new items like napkins, bibs and much more.

Thus we can say that there are so many things what is Boston known for and this article has covered many of them and after reading it one will get a clear idea about the city.

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