What is Iowa Known For

The name Iowa is derived from an Indian word which means ‘The Beautiful Land’. It is a U.S state which is located in the Midwestern part of United States. On the eastern side it has Mississippi River while having Missouri River and Big Sioux River on its south. The capital of this state is named as Des Moines. Jacques Marquette and Louis Joliet were French explorers and are considered as the very first Europeans who visited Iowa in 1673 this is what is Iowa known for and the beauty of this place catches many tourists attention. Land of Iowa is not flat instead most of its parts are rolling hills.

The state is famous for its greenery and flowing rivers. There are many natural lakes the most known of which are East and West Okoboji Lake and Spirit Lake. Several made lakes are also found in the region, the name includes Lake of Odessa, Rathbun Lake, Red Rock Lake, Coralville Lake, Lake of MacBride and Rathbun Lake. Climate of Iowa is mostly hot, summers are long and humid while spring season comes for a very short period of time.

There are many facts about Iowa which make this place very special. The lists of some most common are mentioned below:

  • The famous strawberry gardens which supply strawberries worldwide are found in the area just few miles from Iowa’s state park and is known as ‘Strawberry Point’.
  • Sliced bread eaten throughout the world is also an Iowa’s invention.
  • Bullhead Fish are found in numerous numbers in Crystal Lake which causes many fishermen to visit the place.
  • Their voting age is not 18 instead if a person is about 16 and a half years old he/she can vote during elections and can play their part in selection of United States president.
  • The literacy rate in the state is very high. Almost every person can read and write. It makes this state as highest literate state of U.S.
  • The uniqueness is found in its name as well Iowa is the one and only state having two vowels at the start.
  • Sabula an island in Iowa having approximately 576 inhabitants is a famous beach destination mostly during summers.
  • Golf courses in Iowa are more than any of the U.S state.
  • Iowa State University is known for playing a very important role in developing atomic bomb.
  • This state is considered as safest state of U.S and is a dreamland for billions to live in. It is best place for farmers as it comprises 92 percent farmland.
  • Its capital Des Moines is well recognized as the base of ‘The international World Food Prize Award’.
  • The first Wind Energy Supply Chain Campus of the country is located in Iowa,
  • Iowa is blessed with great writers. The Iowa Writer’s Workshop is known as one of the best around the world.
  • This state is well known for its sandwiches they look somewhat like hamburgers but are unique in taste.

RAGBRAI which is an abbreviation of ‘the Register’s Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa’ is a main attraction for bicyclists from around the world and it is the answer of what is Iowa known for as  many competitions are arranged in the area and people from different regions participate in them. Weekly events are also arranged by locals.

Iowa famous food includes variety of mouth watering dishes. It is said that the below mentioned dishes are a must try for every visitor. Pork tenderloins is the most famous and delicious dish which is highly demanded in region. The Maid Rite is a sandwich having loose meat was also firstly created in Iowa. Des Moines area is famous for tasty steaks. Blue Bunny ice-cream as its name suggests is everyone’s favorite sweet dish made from pure dairy products and is highly appreciated for good quality. AE cottage cheese is very yummy and liked by many people.

Iowa buttery sweet corn are must try for every tourist. Breakfast pizza and Taco pizza are also an Iowa’s invention. Muscatine melons are rich in taste and are well appreciated for its sweetness. Pella bologna is the dish used on a regular basis is irresistible once it is tried.

On one side Iowa is famous for beautiful scenery and lakes on the other hand it has many places to visit with kids. Fun facts about Iowa for kids are great outdoor thrilling rides which kids really enjoy. Adventure land gets most visits because of its tallest, fastest and other exciting rides including trains, balloons and tea cups etc. The Blank Park Zoo which is extended on 49 acres of land has 104 different animals and about 1,484 animal specimens. Similarly Arnolds Park is one of the classic amusement park and children of all ages have fun once they enter the park. The Lost Island has amazing water rides, slides, a lazy river and also a mini golf hole. Kings Pointe Water Park comprises of both indoor and outdoor activities for people of all ages and is located next to Storm Lake. The Play Station is an indoor play land which offers best games including crawl tubes, climbing nets, slides, balls, tunnels and much more.

The Riverside is a birth place of Captain James T. Kirk it holds a special place in hearts of ‘Star Trek’ fans. This character got much popularity once this series was aired. It is also a birthplace of famous jazz artist Bix Beiderbecke and a Glenn Miller so we can say that jazz music is in the blood of Iowan people. Every year Jazz Festival Iowa City is arranged and many bands across nation participate in it.

Iowa is known for its major contribution in agricultural output of United Nation mainly for corn production. Climate and rich soil makes this place largest corn producer. After California and Texas it is third-most productive state of U.S. Thus Corn is what is Iowa known for and corn fields presents mesmerizing view.

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