What is Italy known For

The word Italy is taken from a word Italia which means “calf land” as the bull was a sign of Italian tribes. It is one of the most crowded country among European nations. Italy is one of the famous tourist attractions because of its art, architecture and beautiful atmosphere this is what is Italy known for and it is the reason the country makes a forever place in heart of its visitors. Italy’s masterpieces per square mile are more than any of the country around the globe. This 30 million km2 land which occupies the southern European region is said to be a dream place to live for billions of people. Rome the country’s capital is unique for its culture and a perfect blend of old and new age heritage. The University of Rome is known as one of the oldest universities of Europe.  Approximately four-fifths of Italy’s total land is mountainous having mesmerizing scenery.

While visiting any place the thing which a person really enjoys is shopping. Shopping in Italy is enjoyable as there are many popular streets and markets. If it’s either a purse, wallet, shoes or jackets Florence is the best place to buy leather products in Italy this is what Italy famous for shopping and the good concern is that a person can bargain and buy products within the available budget.  Italian shoes are known for their quality throughout the world. Florence’s leather expertise in shoe making is beyond excellence. Apart from shoes there is a wide range of clothing available from moderate to highly expensive items. So buying above mentioned items is a must thing while visiting the place.

Italy is famous for its magnificent brands and cities like Rome, Florence and Milan are known for their best brands throughout the world like Prada, Gucci, Armani, Dolce & Gabbana and Versace are just few among many. These brands have proved their quality work and made a lot of business and this is what Italy known is for and is ranked as one of the top among the list of many fashionista.

Italy is well known for its textile production, clothing and shoes, olive oil and fashion industry this is answer to what is Italy known for producing. Olive’s production in the country was firstly started in seventh century and is now the second largest olive oil producer in the world. The main reason this industry flourished is increase in demand of olive oil and its use in different cuisines in the world as it is considered to be healthiest oil for consumption. The country’s fashion industry is one of the important manufacturing sectors also accessory and jewelry brands like Bulgari and Luxottica are internationally known for their unique designs. Luxottica is world’s largest company dealing with eye wear products. Italy is considered as one of the largest wine producer. These vineyards are great tourist’s attractions. It’s said that one should not leave Italy without buying few wine bottles.

The worldwide famous Italian cuisine is the reason behind what is Italy known for food and no one can deny the importance of food in Italian culture. Their main dishes includes seafood and potatoes, rice, pasta, pancakes etc. Pizza is one of the biggest food inventions by Italians and it is mostly baked on a wood-fired oven with thin base but rich topping of fresh vegetables, olives, sliced ham and cheese. The Italian pasta is known around the world and is available in more than 200 different shapes which make it more appealing for consumers.

Gelato ice-cream is also an Italian invention. It has been made from pure milk instead of cream and one cannot resist without eating once it is tried. There are many ice-cream vendors and shops in the cities and this is considered as very popular dessert especially during summer season. Similarly Coffee specially espresso and cappuccino has now become one of the important Italian drinks.  This is said that pasta was firstly brought by Italy as well. So we can say that Italian loves their food and their recipes are appreciated all over the world. The common ingredients which are found in almost all Italian cuisines include cheese, olive oil and garlic.

In Italy every area eats different food than the other. As in North of Italy fish, potatoes, rice, sausages and cheese are common ingredients in their dishes while in South tomatoes, pepper, olives, garlic and eggplant are mostly used ingredients.

The answer to what are Italians famous for is ‘The Family’. They give much importance to joint family system, there are still big families found where they live with grandparents, parents and children in one house. They focus on extended family opposite to western culture of just mom, dad and kids living in one house. They love to spend time with their family and family gatherings are arranged often. Italian language is spoken by almost 85 million people in Europe. This language includes many expressions and those who don’t understand Italian sometimes confuse it with aggression. They use hand gestures more than words while talking.

Italians are also famous for their inventions and contributions in different fields. Christopher Columbus and Amerigo Vespucci who discovered America was basically Italian similarly Leonardo da Vinci was the first scientist who proved the world is around not flat. Italian artists played a very important role in early Christian art and middle ages. Italy is heart of art lovers having at least one museum in every city which is a clear representation of its rich culture. The place is blessed with very talented artists of all times.  Its cities like Rome, Pisa, Florence and Venice gain most of the visitor’s attention especially Venice is a city which is surrounded by 117 small islands.

One on side it’s famous for eye catching beauty and on the other side it is city free from noise. Almost 50 thousand tourists visit Venice every day. Likewise Pisa is so ancient city of Italy that its birth date is unknown. It’s one of the important attractions not to forget is ‘Learning Tower’. These places contribute in what is Italy known for its architecture.

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