What is Maryland Known For

Maryland is one of the smallest states in U.S.A by area but is densely populated. Baltimore is its largest city. The state’s total population is around 6, 006, 40. Climate is hot and humid during summers for a short span while winters are cold. English is their official language but Spanish is also widely spoken. Most of the people are Christians; other religions are followed by minorities.

Earning of people in Maryland depends mostly on seafood. As there are almost 50 rivers, lakes, streams, ponds etc. They are a source of not only food but also employment, tourism and transportation from decades. Thus the answer to what is Maryland known for is crabs and waterways. People from all over the world visit to see rivers and eat crabs, it makes this place popular among tourists. They earn $50 million above only from seafood such as crabs, oysters, fish etc annually. These known things and places in Maryland are discussed below:

  • Blue crabs: They are caught from Chesapeake Bay and were first started in 1880’s. They are huge in number from ending spring to fall. Crab is one of the favorite and known foods of Maryland. It is prepared in variety of ways from grilled to smoked etc. Various dishes are from it like crab cakes, soups, dips and much more.
  • Oysters: They are used in many recipes such as soups, chowders and are even eaten in raw form. It is said that the quality of oysters are not very good during summers while you can enjoy good taste during rest of the year.
  • Old Bay Seasoning: This sauce is a perfect blend of herbs and other spices and is produced by McCormick & Company in Maryland. It is imported throughout the world and is liked by many because of unique taste. It is used for seafood seasoning and also to add flavor in other items like French fries, chicken, burgers, dips etc.

Best Places to Eat Crab in Maryland

As it is mentioned in the start Baltimore is largest city in Maryland so what is Baltimore known for is Pit beef and Berger cookies. They are liked by many people and you cannot resist eating it once you have tried them. There are many nice restaurants in Baltimore where you can enjoy variety of food from local to continental. One can select according to their taste and choice. You can find food vendors as well as expensive restaurants. As crab is specialty of Maryland there are many good places to eat crab some are given below:

  • The Crab Claw: This place has a very good location and offers moth watering steamed crabs with a sweet sauce. They have waterside tables where you can enjoy view along with tasty food. Their crab cakes and balls are a must try dishes.
  • Harris Crab House & Seafood Restaurant: They have amazing menu offering variety of dishes. The most demanded dish is seafood platter having various items in it. As this is crowded area one must reserve a table in advance.
  • Jimmy Cantler’s Riverside Inn: It is known for one of the best crabs and corn in the town. Corn is sweet and juicy in taste while crabs are made by expert chefs using fresh ingredients. The environment is also relaxing with open air sitting arrangement. They have quick and satisfactory service.
  • Mike’s Crab House: This is perfect place to visit especially during summers. One can enjoy boating while food is being prepared. They offer variety of seafood from fried crabs to butter flavored oysters etc.

Famous Waterways in Maryland

Seaports and shores is what is Maryland known for, they are visited by large number of people every year. Some of these tourists attractions are give below:

  • Maryland Eastern Shore: It is a famous tourist’s attraction. This region has historical sites, beaches and breathtaking natural views which is visited by number of locals and outsiders especially during summers.
  • Baltimore Inner Harbor: It is a lively place where one can enjoy long walks, shopping and eating all at a time. It is fun area for people of all ages. There is also an aquarium, yards, science center, casino and much more.
  • Annapolis City Dock: It has beautiful scenery and a good place to eat as well. It is known as America’s sailing capital. One can learn about history of this seaport by walking tour or visiting cruise. This is good place to relax after a long tiring day or to hang out with friends and family.
  • C & O Canal National Historic Park: This historical park was opened in 18th One can ride a bicycle to go on a round of the park. During a visit you can see many old original structures which are preserved in their old form.
  • Deep Creek Lake: It is one of the favorite destinations of Maryland. Mountains and lakes here are a source of many outdoor activities and adventures. One can enjoy hiking, cycling, boating, swimming, camping, fishing and riding. Many events are arranged throughout the year which is visited by both locals and tourists.
  • Six Flags America: This is favorite place of kids having more than 100 different rides. It is also largest water park of the region. It has ten roller coasters which is enjoyed by people of all ages. They also arrange stunt show for visitors.
  • National Harbor: This place has everything including hotels, stores, marina, convention centre and offices. No one get bored visiting here. If you want to relax in a beautiful view along with some tasty food this is perfect destination to go.

Reading the article would have given you a clear idea of what is Maryland known for food and what you have to order during your next visit. It is said that a dessert called Smith island cake is very famous in Maryland. It has six or above very thin yellow layers with chocolate icing. Peanut butter is used in its making thus we can say it is also what is Maryland known for since decades.

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