What is New Zealand known For

So the name “New Zealand” whenever comes to our mind we definitely think about one of the most beautiful and sound countries in the world. However aside from just being beautiful and attractive there are some things that make New Zealand one of the best places to visit for the people around the globe. Geography and the rich culture of New Zealand alone do not make this country but there are people and things that also contribute for what New Zealand is famous for. We will highlight below some of the famous things that happen in this wonderland.

The first and the most important thing for what New Zealand is famous for are the friendly and peace loving people basically known as “Maori”. These are the people who are traced back to the Polynesian explorers who settled around Pacific Ocean for more than 1100 years. Most of the people that came to New Zealand in the early 17th Century were from Europe. Many people from New Zealand are famous for contributing something different. The first person to climb the Mount Everest was Sir Edmund Hilary. The famous movie “The Lord of the Rings” and “King Kong” was a gift to world from the New Zealander named “Peter Jackson”.

New Zealand is also known for its Rugby teams called “All Blacks” which everyone out there knows that perform the famous “Haka” dance before every test match they play. Indeed it is one the first rugby team that promoted the rich culture of New Zealand across the world. All Blacks conquered most of the toughest teams like England, Ireland etc. Besides the Rugby, New Zealand is known for its Cricket team which has best bowlers and Batsman in the world.

Kiwi….Yes we are not talking about the Fruit. Kiwi is also national bird of New Zealand. Kiwi is a flightless bird which is often found in many parts of New Zealand. New Zealanders give respect to this bird and Maori people believe that they are the guardians of this beautiful bird which they do not hunt. The Kiwi also appears in the postage stamps in New Zealand. Besides Kiwi the other native birdie of New Zealand is “Moa” which weighs nearly 300 Kg and get up to 12 foot tall. But Moa is now at the verge of extinct because Maoris back in 1500 hunted this bird that it is up to your luck that you see one or two in the deep forest.

New Zealand does not have any kind of poisonous reptile or dangerous animals so it is safe to travel deep in the forests and smell the aroma of different herbs and plants that give you a memorable trip of your time. Most of the dense forests in New Zealand attract tourists from different parts of the world every year. Guess What?  There are no snakes in New Zealand so if you are snake wrangler then stay out!

New Zealand is also known as one of those countries that have two national anthems. The very well known is the English national Anthem “GOD SAVE THE QUEEN” whereas the other one is “GOD SAVE NEW ZEALAND”. Besides New Zealand the other countries that have two national Anthems are Canada and Denmark.

When it comes to the right of the women, New Zealand is known for delivering the basic rights to the women by giving them the rights equal to those of men. New Zealand is of the first country having position of power being held continuously for three times.

The Grass lands of New Zealand are famous for cattle rearing. Cattles like Sheep and goats are yield major outcome to the GNP of New Zealand. The wool collected from sheep is famous throughout the world. Nearly every person in New Zealand has live stock in which sheep is common. Besides the Sheep wool, sheep meat is traded throughout different parts of the world.

New Zealand is one of those countries in world which are famous for its anti nuclear program. Therefore you will not find any kind of nuclear power stations in the country. New Zealand’s this policy among nuclear weapons and technology makes it the most peace loving country in the world.

One of the most amazing facts about New Zealand is that you will not see currency or cash in most of the buying selling situations. Kiwis mostly believe in secure transactions like Credit or Debit Cards whenever shopping or selling. EFTPOS is one of the affordable ways of transaction around New Zealand.

In New Zealand there is right to everything whether it is homosexual marriage, prostitution or brothels, it is legal. You can drive at the age of 15 and drink when you are 18. However you can use alcohol in hotels and restaurant when accompanied by adults. In parties and gatherings people above 15 years of age can have sip as well.

New Zealand is known for its scenic and attractive tourist spots around the world. Lake Taupo is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. It is an area with volcanic activity that has Explosive index ranging up to 8. Relaxing in the pool with a view of volcanic mountain in the background, smooth breeze and glass of famous New Zealand vine in hand provides medicated feeling to your mind and body.

Bungee jumping is one of the favorite activities for which New Zealand is known for. Bungee jumping in Queens town with scenic look of the city is one of the joyous experiences you will never ever forget in your life. If you get tired of jumping from the high altitudes then you can visit Nelson’s Blue Lake which is one of the clearest water lakes in the world having visibility up to 80 meters or more in a fine weather.

For skyscrapers lover Auckland is the best place to visit where lie the tallest man made structure known as Sky Tower attaining height of 328m. Last but not least do you know that where ever you go in New Zealand, you will always be 128Km away from sea side. So these are some of the facts or things for which New Zealand is known for that attract nature and culture lovers from all around the world.

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