What is Spain known For


Spain is most social, traditional and geological among the assorted countries of Europe. During the time period of 16th and next eras, the culture of Spain becomes more developed due to the incoming products from America. Spain has different types of land diversity.  Due to the land diversity Spain has various climate conditions in each of his region. The authorized linguistic of Spain is Spanish.Spain is known for its architecture, culture, and sculpture.  Spanish guitars, Flamenco dance, music and bullfighting are the specialties of Spanish culture that are presented to the whole world.Paella and Sangria are including in the best cuisines of the Spain. As well as its lovely seashores, evergreen estuaries, remarkable tributes and buildings and Rocky Mountains are also famous.Spanish culture is generally known for eccentric beaches, bullfights, Flamenco melody and disco, and lots of sunshine. Spain has an amazing creative culture. Pablo Picasso, Joan Miro, Juan Gris, and Salvador Dali are the famous groups of Spanish artists. In the 1790’s Spanish guitar was invented. This instrument becomes modern in 1870. Classical guitar was established by Andrés Segovia during (1893-1997).


Most of the tourists go to Spain and have no awareness of what to buy in Madrid.One of the important points is that to buy quality things rather than to buy inexpensive or a cheap things. There are many quality things that you to buy in Madrid. These things includes Leather Coats and Jackets, Women’s Leather Bags, Leather Wallets and Clutch Bags, Gloves, Shoes, Hand Held Fans, Saffron, Paella Pans, Flamenco Music, Damascene Ware from Toledo, T-shirts, Ceramic Plates, Turron Candy,Rabitos,Pictorial Books About Spain, Gold Jewelry, Coral Jewelry, Spanish Shawls, Marquetry Boxes, Gaudi Souvenirs, Jamon Iberico, Olive oil, Citric fruits, Swords & Shields, Wicker, Silk Shawls,Embroidery, Guitars, Cheese and wine. The quality of leather Jackets and coats is very fine both for men and women in Spain. El Corte Ingles Department Store is most famous for leather outwears. Leather bags for women with no logo of any designer can be available at reasonable prices with fine quality. There are many stores near the coast have a variety of designer bags. Clutch bags for women and leather wallets for gents are also available in Madrid. High quality gloves are available with different types such as silk and thermal, lining as well as unlined with a wide variety of colors. Among the world best leather shoes are available here because they are handmade and have the best workmanship. These shoes are very comfortable in walking. With very reasonable prices there is a wide variety of decorative hand held fans. There are many uses of these fans like to use during summer season and to put in glass for decoration. Some of them are decorated with flowers. Spain is a bigger producer of saffron which is more expensive than gold in weight. This is used in special cuisines of Spain to give the yellowish color. Teflon coated pans which have flat bottom and shallow is available in Spain.

There are many items that show the artistic culture of this country. Copper, silver and gold is used to decorate black steel to make boxes, knives and jewelry. Caps, T shirts, jackets with the logo of team and the name of city are available in Spain. Ceramics plates with beautiful designs are very famous and people mostly buy to decorate their houses. During the Christmas season Turron Candy is mostly sold. It is made from almond and honey. These are both soft and hard. Rabitos are chocolates that are also famous in Madrid to buy. These are not expensive. Pictorial books about Madrid are having a worth. In Spain 18 karat gold is used to make different items like earrings, pendants, and bracelet.Spain is known for his Siesta (Spanish Yoga), Mediterranean beaches, Alhambra (an old fortress), Alcohol and drinks, Roman Catholic Church, Spanish Football, Paella (Spanish cuisine) and Ibeza (famous club).


Best places to shop in Barcelona includes The Portal de l’Angel, Plaza de Sant Joseph Oriol, Avinguda Diagonal,Les Glories, The Centre Commercial Mare magnum, El Boulevard Rosa,  El CorteIngles, Diagonal Mar, L’illa Diagonal complex, La Maquinista, La Rambla, El Rawal , Large Els Encants Vells, Mercat de Sant Antoni and Hypermarket. Annual sales are held in Spain. Mostly summer sale starts in June and ends in August. The winter sale starts from 6th of January to the end of February. In these sales sometimes 50% discount is given to buyers while sometimes it becomes 75%. Best places usually have fortune-tellers, painters and street musicians. These shopping places have a wide variety of things like branded clothes and other accessories, handicraft shops, designer boutiques, international brand such as Calvin Klein,Gianni Versace, Giorgio Armani and Gucci, antique shops, decorative items, paintings,household goods, ready-to-wear fashions, decent bookshops,flower stalls, second-hand collection of cameras, jewelry stores, coin and stamp collectors’ market, old maps, brands, records and cards, second-hand artisan item, fruit, vegetables, meats and seafood.As well as for the relief from shopping these places have rooftop mini golf course,game spaces for children, restaurants, nightclubs,large public walkway with views to the sea, bars, cinemas and aquarium.


Spain is known for the land of festivals. There are many festivals held in Spain that includes fin festivals like La Tomatina which have tomato food fight. It held on the last Wednesday of August every year. Tomatoes that are used in this festival are not able to eat. Spanish dance is also very popular all over the world. Spanish dance has four main parts like song, dance, handclap and the guitar playing. Spanish shawls are very popular among the visitors and used in whole world according to the season. In different regions of Spain, Olive oil which is known as “liquid gold” is produced. Olive oil is enhancing the Arabian tradition. Olive oil is produced in small industries of Spain. Fishing is very old tradition of Spanish culture. Swords and shield are the best weapons made in the different regions of Spain.


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