What is Sweden known For

Sweden is a country located in Northern part of Europe. It has Norway on the west while Finland to its east. The area covered by Sweden is 450,295 sq km thus making it third largest country of EU. Its total population is around 9.9 million. It is estimated that 85% of population prefer to live in urban areas of the country. People of this region enjoy all four seasons and mostly mild temperature all year around. Sweden official language is Swedish while other languages are also spoken by minorities.

While visiting Sweden one can came across many interesting things but the answer to what is Sweden known for are its cuisine and some products which are discussed in detail below:

  • Silver Crafts: Swedish design in silver jewelry is known throughout the world for its bold, unique with little detail designing. People of this country love to wear silver because it is simple yet more graceful than gold. It is traditional metal of Sweden which is produced from centuries and also a source of income for economy. Its Sala Silver Mine provides living to many people in mining industry. It is affordable metal for making jewelry and other items.
  • Swedish Handmade Clogs: Clogs here are not made just for clog dancing but it is used as regular footwear by people. Previously these were mostly worn by farmers and milkmaids in countryside but nowadays it is also used by nurses etc. This flat shoe with heavy bottom supports back and provides upright position. These shoes attract fashion industry of Europe as well as U.S.A.
  • Carved Wooden Utensils: Sweden pale wood is widely known for its use in furniture and interior decoration. People follow the tradition of having wood carvings in kitchen and using wooden utensils. Items such as wooden combs, forks, bowls are liked by many visitors. Thus wooden handcrafts are considers as cultural landmark of Sweden.
  • Sami Jewelry: This traditional handmade jewelry is unique and attractive. The colors used in making are dark blue, green, red and yellow. The bracelets last for a long period of time until the leather fades. Leather used comes from Reindeer. All sizes are available at reasonable rates so one can buy accordingly.
  • Dalecarlian Horse: This is the best craft of Sweden made from wood and painted by hand. Its red color and attractive paint designs appeal people to buy it and is known in the world as country’s trademark. It is also available in crystal and glass nowadays.
  • Quality Crystal ware: Sweden is known for producing world class crystal items. People from all over the world buy crystal statues and vases as a gift for people back home. These products are made from high quality crystal by many famous brands.
  • Woolen Sweaters: The country has variety of hand knitted woolen socks, scarfs, sweaters, hats and much more. These are warm and perfect for winter climate. They follow traditional style of knitting mostly one base color is used with one contrast color.
  • Chocolates and Licorice: People of Sweden love to eat chocolates. According to one estimate one person in Sweden consume 17 kilos of sweets and candies annually. While licorice is produced by small firms and is available at coffee and chocolate shops. Swedish chocolate is very good in taste and decorated by hands. It comes in many flavors so one can choose according to taste. You can find all variety from dark to milk and white chocolate etc.
  • Wild Forest Berry Jam and Marmalade: Swedish stores are full of organic products. The jams are made from farm fresh fruits and are perfect for breakfast and desserts. They are available in various flavors at very reasonable cost. As they are made from fresh fruits so are good for health and rich in vitamins.

A part from these products Sweden famous landmarks includes Vasa Museum, Stockholm Archipelago, Stromma Boat Tours, Djurgarden, The Gota Canal, Abisko National Park, Liseberg Theme Park and many other places visited by many locals and outsiders each year.

Must Try Famous Swedish Dishes

Another thing what is Sweden known for is its cuisine. It is said that Swedish food is very healthy and mostly made from organic items. One must try these dishes during a visit.

  • Kanelbulle: These delicious rolls are easily available in every cafe, bakery and food store. Made from very light sweeten dough than flavors are added like saffron, vanilla etc. One can enjoy them with a cup of coffee at any place.
  • Toast Skagen: This dish is made from prawns with mayonnaise and lemon topping served with crispy bread. It is a popular item in parties and most demanding in restaurants.
  • Herring: In this dish small fish are smoked and added flavors by using some spices. Sour cream, mustard paste and curry is added to give it a unique taste.
  • Pea Soup and pancakes: In Sweden theses two things are very popular and are being eaten from decades. They like to take soup during lunch time and pancakes mostly topped with jam are liked by many.
  • Lingon berry Jam: This yummy jam is used in many dishes from pancakes to puddings etc. It is made from fresh lingon berries picked from forests.

Few Prominent Swedish Things

There are many things that come from Sweden and are used throughout the world making largest export of country such as machines, vehicles, oil, paper and wood etc. The list of some things Sweden is highly appreciated are as follows:

  • The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo: The Swedish novel has a record of bestseller in U.S and a film was also made from its story.
  • IKEA: Founded in 1943 it is one of the largest furniture industries in the world. They offer many packages from reasonable to highly expensive furniture items.
  • H&M: This is known as one of the world’s top clothing brand. They make stylish clothes which steal the runways and fashion shows. They offer trendy clothes which get people attention.

Thus this article will be helpful in getting an idea of what is Sweden known for so one can make a list before planning a next visit to Sweden.

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