What is Toronto Known For

Toronto which is largest city of Canada has total population 2,615,060. It is liked by many because of its beauty like parks, lakes, walking tracks, sport facilities and outdoor places enjoyed by people of almost every age. CN Tower is one of great attraction of Toronto and food is something people love about this place. Food lovers can find all variety of cuisine here this is what is Toronto known for, also many food festivals are arranged every year which is visited by both locals and tourists. Whether you want to eat junk food, pizza, pasta or traditional Canadian dishes all variety is available in this city. From food vendors, coffee shops, cafes to expensive restaurants everyone is ready to fulfill your appetite. All one need is to select according to their taste and budget.

Canada which is the second largest country of the world has beautiful lakes, rivers, landscapes and also cities with very rich culture which is great attraction for tourist and explorer. The answer to what is Canada known for is the maple syrup production because of the geographical condition it has many lakes as compare to any other country. This country is also famous for sports especially winter games. It is said that insulin treatment for diabetic patients is also Canadians invention. They are well recognized in the whole world for inventions like basketball game, ice hockey, canola oil, telephone, walkie talkie, microscope, peanut butter and many more. There are many other important things such as:

  • Niagara Falls: It is one of the most famous places visited by millions of people every year. It has mesmerizing view and a great natural attraction for all.
  • Football: Canada’s football game is very different in comparison to other countries because they have much wider and longer football fields. The size of ball is also large than others.
  • Basket ball: Canadians were first who invented the basket ball game. It was an invention of James Naismith in 1891.
  • Patriotism: It is said that the people living in Canada are very patriotic. It is also ranked as 6th most patriotic country around the globe.
  • Whistler: It is important place for winter sports, mountain biking and other outdoor activities.
  • Polar Bear: One of the great tourist’s attractions is polar bears, people can visit the area in a caged window bus to closely view them and it is unforgettable experience for people of all ages.
  • Bay of Fundy: It is located in eastern Canada has amazing view of tides and is one of must visit natural wonder.
  • Victoria’s Inner Harbour: This place has beautiful water front area and is best for relaxing, hostelling, shopping and enjoying street performances.
  • Calgary Stampede: This ten day event is organized every year which is attended by many locals as well as travelers. It offers best food, games, thrilling rides, variety of pan cakes, music performances and much more.
  • Canadian Museum for Human Rights: Recently opened in 2014 the building is unique in design with eye catching colors. The museum has many themes highlighting many stories.

Apart from other attractions the most important is CN Tower what is Toronto known for its total height is 553 meters. This building can be seen from anywhere in the city. It offers amazing view of Lake Ontario and whole city. It was completed in 1976 and Glass Floor attracts many towards it for a perfect view.

Toronto famous landmarks include a list of places given below:

  • Royal Ontario Museum: This place has outstanding collection and is known for its excellence.
  • Rogers Centre: This stadium is famous for unique design and serve as a good venue for many kinds of games.
  • Art Gallery of Ontario: It holds exhibitions all around the year and has a huge collection of amazing Canadian paintings.
  • Lawrence Market: This old market was built in 1850 and is very famous place to shop.
  • Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada: It has huge under water tunnel and variety of marine life species.
  • Ontario Science Centre: This is family oriented place especially for kids as it has number of exciting exhibits.

Thus what is Toronto known for food has endless options. Some are listed below

  • The Black Hoof: It is one of the best bars in the town and has variety of cocktails, wines of different brands etc.
  • Porchetta: They serve yummiest sandwiches whether chicken or crab all are very tasty with hot and mustard sauce.
  • Sam James Coffee Bar: It was opened in 2009 from than onwards it is well known for its tasty coffee.
  • Tofu Village: The tofu here is special on the other hand seafood and their service is also very good.
  • Foxley: It is beautiful in design with wooden tables and dim lighting. Their menu has unique and creative dishes.
  • Boralia: They have perfect blend of modern and traditional dishes. The grilled dishes are a must try once you visit this place.
  • Takht-e Tavoos: This Persian restaurant is visited by many. They offer best Iranian breakfast but booking must be done in advance.
  •  Pho Hung: It is very affordable Chinese restaurant, prices are low which attract many people, the dishes are tasty and service is also satisfying
  • Blackbird Baking Co: This bakery is well known in the town for its bread and tasty butter pastries.
  • The Harbord Room: The highly demanded food item is stellar burger. Their unlimited variety of milk shakes and drinks is also very famous.
  • Buca: They serve freshly baked handmade pizzas and pasta is also amazing
  • Lahore Tikka House: They have excellent Pakistani and Indian food, order is written on a white board which is unique style. Biryani, kabab, naan etc are must try dishes.

Thus food is something what is Toronto known for and one can find all variety of dishes from food vendors to expensive restaurants it is best place for food lovers.

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