What to Buy in Barcelona

When it comes to what to buy in Barcelona, then answering the question is tough as Barcelona is ranked among the top cities of Europe for fashion and here in Barcelona you can find almost all the mainstream stores and thousands of the designer outlets as well. When it’s the time of the year for the annual sales, the bargain hunters must make a visit here. During the annual sale, up to 50 discounts is offered and sometime they even offer 75% discount on all the items. The markets in Barcelona are filled with different kinds of beautiful things, a lot of musicians, painters and fortune tellers are also found there.

When it comes to shopping then take care of your money because the temptation to spend money here in Barcelona is quite high as there are a lot of the best places to shop in Barcelona. It has become one of the best shopping capitals of the Europe, as compared to all the other areas like London, Paris and Berlin, Barcelona has not only set a shopping trend but also the products is quite cheaper than any other part of the world.

In Barcelona, there are many shopping areas, but the thing is what your requirement is or what to buy in Barcelona. If you want a lovely and a very friendly atmosphere while shopping then go for the famous Las Ramblas, as not only is the atmosphere lovely, but amazing painters and bird sellers are also found here. If you want to shop from some well known brand like Chanel, Armani or Cartier then Placa Catalunya is the place that you should go to. The alternative to all these amazing brands can be found in the narrow alleys of the Old Town in Barcelona. Some of the best places are:


Many museums in Barcelona have souvenir shops from where you can buy the best gifts for your loved ones, all the best things and products are found here so you can get the best skirts, shirts, sweaters, bags, umbrellas and jackets as well. Besides this, many other accessories and items are also available.

Ramblas and Old Town

In the alleys of the old town, you can find a lot of shops as thousands of the small shops are found here. The shops are according to the trends of Barcelona, at these shops they offer the products of goods for everyday. Besides the everyday goods, you can find fine food shops here at which the yummy food is offered to the people who come here for shopping.

Passeig de Gracia

The other best place for shopping in Barcelona is Passeig de Gracia, consumer goods that are found in the Passeig de Gracia are often referred as “Golden Quadrilateral”. Here you can get all the amazing variety of luxurious clothes, furniture and design. The best news is that if you have the Barcelona card you can get 25% off on all the products that you buy.

When it comes to the Barcelona shopping tips, then knowing some simple things are quite important. Barcelona is the treasure trove of all the things that can make one excited, once you have set your foot in Barcelona you could be confused that what to take home and what you should try right now. These are the things that one should never ignore from Barcelona:


Ceramics that are made in Barcelona are quite known all around the world for their bright colors and the best handmade paint that is being done on them. The most famous shops are located in the city old town of Barcelona; there are special schools in Barcelona to teach individuals the skill of making ceramic. The rate of these ceramics starts from $5 to $10 and they are available in thousands of the designs, but all these designs are more than lovely.


The cheese of Barcelona, its creamy cheese and the Pyrenees of this place is the most famous one and they have strong flavors that one can never resist. Cheese biscuits are also a must try, if you miss to drink Penedes or rose wine than making a visit here is all in vain because these are things one must try no matter what.

Catalan Sauces

Catalan sauces of Barcelona are something that you can never regret trying, these sauces are quite famous and you can even eat them with fresh vegetables. Their taste is the one that you can never get from any other sauces, no matter if you have already tried thousands of. These sauces can be cooked along with the foods as well, in any way their taste is the best.

There are thousands of the best Shopping malls in Barcelona as well, almost all the items that one craves to get from the best shopping place is available here. Some of the best malls that you must make a visit to are as follows:


It is one of the best shopping malls of Barcelona; if you have been there already then you know what the heaven it feels like, the mirrored walls, the water and the blue glow is something unexplainable. Its beauty that you cannot describe in words; the artistic mirror in the entrance would make you love it instead of entering; you want to stay there for as much time as you can.

Diagonal Mar

It is located in the western extreme of the town, when you enter in the only worry you would have is spending a lot on the clothes as every other dress will you and you can’t resist buying because of the beauty. It’s quite a big one that it has another shopping mall inside it as well, so whenever you make a visit here, make sure you have a lot of time. Now deciding what to buy in Barcelona and from where to buy it is no more hard to decide.


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