What to Buy in Iceland

Iceland is known as eighteenth largest island in the world having a total population 332,529 thus a less populated European country. Reykjavik is its capital and also largest city. This place has many mountains, lava grounds and glaciers. Total area is covered by 14.3% of either lakes or glaciers while just 23% land is suitable for vegetation. Climate of Iceland differs from area to area as during winters North region receives more snowfall than Southern part. Icelandic is its official language while they allow religious freedom but most of the people are Christians. During a visit to Iceland you must know what to buy in Iceland some of them are listed below:

  • Fisherman’s Sweater: Iceland is known worldwide for warm, soft, pure wool sweaters which are weaved by locals. These handmade sweaters are famous since 1950 and every visitor tries to buy it for people back home. There is also variety of wool blankets, scarf’s, and much more.
  • Reindeer pelts: They use fur of reindeers in making of beautiful cushions and decorations. Reindeer is their national symbol and they have great association with it.
  • Outdoor gear: As the climate is mostly cold here they offer best outdoor gears for both men and women. Stores have huge variety of gloves, hats, jackets etc at very reasonable price.
  • Liquor: Iceland offers some great brands of beer and different flavors of cocktails.
  • Jewelry: They make some interesting and eye catching jewelry which is unique in design and loved by all.
  • Beauty products: Iceland has many spas and beauty products are just amazing from mud mask to facial creams or scrubs all are best to go for.

Market to buy best products in Iceland

If you want to go on a shopping this country is full of such place where you can get all items at very affordable rates some of these are mentioned below:

  • Kolaportio Flea Market: This market has all you want from plastics toys, clothes, candies, books, food items and much more. It has huge crowd during weekends and good place to get all items at cheap rates.
  • Reykjavik Street Food Market: If you want to buy food items then this place is perfect to visit for food lovers. They offer all variety of food from burgers to pork.
  • Reykjavik Christmas Market: You will have good experience shopping here; it is seasonal market having food, crafts and gift items etc. A fun place to visit with family and friends.
  • Red Cross Store: This vintage store is great attraction for tourist. You can buy vintage sunglasses, hats, shirts at cheap prices.
  • Spuutnik Fatamarkadur: It is a bit expensive market as compare to others but offers unique products like clothes, jackets and footwear etc.

Therefore best products to buy in Iceland has list of objects few much famous are as follows:

  • Lava rock jewelry: As this place has volcanic nature the lava rock jewelry is a must thing to buy. From rings, bracelets, necklace, earrings to anklets everything is designed beautifully which attracts people of all ages.
  • Woolen goods: From sweaters to all woolen items they offer are reasonable to buy and are good in quality.
  • Musical instruments: All music shops here are loaded with some amazing collection of musical instrument from old to modern era things.
  • Viking beer glasses: These glasses are loved by both locals and visitors and huge collection is available at the stores.
  • Reyka Vodka: This vodka is supplied almost all over the world but buying from Iceland will save your money as it is available at cheap rates.
  • Hot dog mustard: They are somewhat special in taste than usual as hot dogs are covered with ketchup, mustard and mixture of some other sauces and are a must try during your visit.
  • Blue Lagoon beauty products: Silica which is found at bottom of Blue Lagoon is well known for its importance regarding beauty care. People love to buy lotions, creams, face washes etc made of this silica which are very good for skin. Those who want to know about what to buy in Iceland must have a clear idea now.

Famous things about Iceland

Iceland is famous for number of things and places which one must consider while planning a trip. Thus answer to what is Iceland known for is discussed as under:

  • Hand ball: A national game of Iceland is hand ball. Sport is considered as an important element in the country. They have won many medals and trophies as well and arrange many matches every year.
  • Skyr: It’s a very popular food in Iceland. People eat it on regular basis either as a meal or snack. It is a bit like yogurt but very unique in taste.
  • The Cod Wars: It is said that cod wars were first started in 1958 when they used to fight for occupying territory where others could not fish in as fishing is important industry and a main source of food in the region.
  • Raw Puffin Heart: This small bird is beautiful having white and black feathers and along beak.
  • Volcanic energy: Iceland has number of volcanic fields. These places gain much attention of people visiting from other countries.
  • Midnight Golf: Iceland receives much sunlight during June to July people love to play golf at that time as the weather is good and environment is perfect for players.
  • The Blue Lagoon: The most famous thing about Iceland is Blue Lagoon which is visited by millions of people throughout the year. It is one of the favorite tourist’s destinations. It is natural spa with hot water.
  • Dettifoss: This is one of the powerful and great waterfalls of Europe. Its eye catching view attracts many towards it.

Iceland is a good destination for people of all ages and shopping lovers as well. It has something to offer for everyone. So this article will help you in finding what to buy in Iceland as well as which places to be visited must.


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